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Letter:  David Lloyd to Commander Naval Medical Center, requesting sleep clinic records


October 24, 1997

Commander: Naval Medical Center

620 John Paul Jones Cir.
Portsmouth, VA 27308

Attn: Records In-patient/Out-patient
Re: Records of Ronnie Lee Kimble USMC, SSAN                   ;

DOB 1-17-72

Dear Sir or Madam:

I represent the above on capital murder charges. We are slated to go to trial in January. I understand that Mr. Kimble while in the Marine Corps (he is no longer a marine) was treated at Portsmouth in your sleep clinic in January of 1996 and in 1995.

These records are very important for us and I would greatly appreciate any help you could give us. I have enclosed his signed release.

I am and remain

Sincerely yours,


W. David Lloyd



PDF, includes signed release



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