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Report, L. D. Jones:  Reporting Officer, Diagram of Crime Scene

Note:  Ted's handwritten notes on the report are included as footnotes.  Following his notes are some notes written by another person.


[first page of this report is missing]



4. Unusual Marks on the Body:

None noted at the scene beyond the extensive charring.


5. Medical Aid Given Prior to Death; By Whom:


No Medical aid was given.


6. Apparent Cause Of Death:

There is no apparent cause of death at this time.

7. Physician In Attendance:


8. Medication Present:

None discovered

9. Evidence, Obtained:

The fire investigator collected evidence for the fire cause and ID Technician Yarborough and Sergeant Lindell responded and video-taped, photogrpahed the scene and collected a gas can, lighter and other items from inside and outside the residence.

An interior search of the residence was conducted and it was discovered that only one light switch, located to the left of the kitchen sink wasA in the "on" position. All other light switches were in the down position.B The front door was locked by a door knob lock and deadbolt.  The side, carport door was unlocked, as reported above, with the deadbolt off. The side door frame and door itself had damage around the lock plate and locking mechanism. The bolt plate was missing from the jamb.C

10. Disposition of Personal Effects:

The unidentified body was transported to Moses Cone Hospital for overnight keeping and was to be transported to the ME's office in the morning (10-10-1995). The body had a wrist watch, bracelet, necklace and ring which remained on the body.

11. Death Notification:

Pending positive identification of the body.

12. Ems or Fire Personnel Names:

Fire personnel from Pleasant Garden and Climax responded to the fire call, along with several EMS ambulances.
Dr. Hessling, County ME was notified by EMS personnel.

13. Additional Information:


AThis switch stays on - it's to the dishwasher

*BThe hallway has a 3-way light switch.  If the switches were down, the light was on.  The kitching and living room has four windows and a light would've most likely not been needed.

CThe strike plate had fallen off a time or two.  If someone had used a knife to pry the door the plat would've come off.


Was the light switch the "master on" switch for dishwasher

Damage around the frame

Bolt plate is missing-key, if bolt plate not present, door is open



The residence is a one story ranch style house with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, den and kitchen. The garage is a recent addition to the house. The house faces north. The fire damage appears to be concentrated in the hallway area at the body. The fire investigator is continuing his investigation.

AThe west-end bedrooms, front and rear were both ransacked. The drawers from the dressers, bureaus, and a desk in the front bedroom were pulled out and the contents dumped on the floor. Nothing in either of the bedroom closests appeared to have been disturbed. A Glock .45 cal pistol and nylon shoulder holster was discovered by ID Tech. Yarborough lying on the floor of the west, rear bedroom (Master Bedroom)B

Detective Sergeant Deberry, Detective Church, Lt. Bryant and Captain Clark arrived at the scene and continued the death investigation. Sgt. Deberry and Church interviewed the involved parties (Ted Kimble, husband; Rebuen Blakely, reporting person; and other family members/friends). They coordinated with ID Section personnel in collecting evidence.

As reported above, the victim's vehicle, 1991 Subaru, was parked in the gravel driveway. Inside the vehicle was a set of keysC still in the ignition and a pocket book belonging to Patricia Gail Kimble. The back seat contained a blue, size D helium tank, a milk crate with empty mylar ballons, and a hand drawn yard sale poster. The vehicle and its contents were photographed.D

The body was transported by Cross Transportation at 0425 hours from the scene.
14. Date, Time, Reporting Officer: Tue Oct 10 06:12:28 1995
L.D. Jones / Dist 3 / C Squad / 331


AThe fire department did nearly as much damage as the fire.  They knocked out all the windows and hit nearly everything with the fire hose.  The closet doors were "opened."

BThe gun was found in the room in which I had left it under the bed.  A blast from the fire hose could've moved it.

CWe both had so many keys we carried multi-key rings. She would've been in the front yard cutting grass and was leaving when she finished so leaving the keys in the car wasn't a big deal.

*DThe car must have been robbed!  Pictures were taken of the car.  There was black ink all over it where they tried to get prints.  Donna Wright from Cinnamon Ridge ask me about Paricia's office keys and petty cash.


If jewelry or items received, why is it not likely clothes would not be torn up.  It would be obvious that B&E occurred as soon as clothes seen.  Only way out is through the side door, no keys to get in.

Interviewed Ted

Yard sale?  Were there any advertisements of yard sale - yes.






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