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Report, David DeBerry:  Interview, James Ogburn

Note:  Ted's handwritten notes on the report are included as footnotes.



Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Witness\Suspect Statement
1. Case Number/Victim: 951009027:

2. Interview With: James Ogburn 275-9380 B-M

                         1800 Vermont St.
                         Greensboro, N.C. 27405

3. Date/Time: 10-12-95 0930 hrs.

4. Location: Lyles Building Materials.
                 1700 W. Lee St.

                 Greensboro, N C

5. Interviewed By: Sgt. D.L. DeBerry

6. Offense: Homicide (Patricia Kimble)

7. Narrative: On Thursday 10-12-95 at 0930 hrs. this officer interviewed Mr. Ogburn in reference to his whereabouts on 10-09-95. Mr. Ogburn stated that he got to work at Lyles at 8:00 a.m. on Monday and worked until aproximantly 5:35 p.m. Mr Ogburn stated that they had a late customer and had to load some shingles and worked a little past 5:30. Mr. Ogburn stated that during the day that Ted Kimble was working, and also a white guy by the name of Steve. Mr. Ogburn said that Ted's wife
A brought Ted's lunch and they ate in the office area. Mr. Ogburn said that he went to lunch at 1:30 p.m. and was late coming back because he had to get his truck jump started at Burger King on Summit Ave. This officer asked if he saw a dog in the office on that Monday and Mr. Ogburn said he couldn't remember if the dog was there or not. Mr. Ogburn stated that Ted drives different vehicle's to work, his Jeep, Patricia's car and a big white truck, but mainly the truck because they use it hauling materials for the business. James Ogburn said that he didn't think Ted left the business all day until they left at about 5:30 P.m.

I drove the Jeep because Ronnie borrowed my work truck.  Ronnie came by the office at approx 11:45? with a load of vynal underpening.  Mom was there also for lunch.  Ronnie was taking the vynal home and going to return the truck to my house and get his car.

APatricia brought lunch most everyday.  I spoke to her last at 3:25 on the phone.  She was about to leave work.  I told her I loved her and to be careful cutting the grass and page me when finish.  As I hung up the phone Ronnie came driving up in his car.


Detective JD Church stated the rumor was true that someone seen and spoke to Patricia at a stop light on Randleman Rd near I-40.* He ask if I knew where she was going.  I said, I thault home and I had no Idea.  She was headed toward town (North)

*Note:  3:45 pm




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