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Report, John Appel (GCSD):  Interview, Bebe Osborne

Handwritten notes.  Ted Kimble's handwritten notes are included as footnotes.



Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Witness\Suspect Statement

1. Case Number/Victim:: 951009027
2. Interview With: Bebe Osborne, Personnel Manager, Precision Fabrics Group, 301 E. Meadowview Road, GSO, NC, (910) 379-3100
3. Date/Time: 1100 10/10/95
4. Location: Precision Fabrics Group, 301 E. Meadowview Road, GSO, NC 5. Interviewed By: Det. John Appel, Major Crimes
6. Offense: Dead Body Investigation

7. Narrative:

On 10/10/95 I went to PFG and inquired about Mr. Kimble's employment and his activities on 10/9/95.

Bebe Osborne, Personnel manager, advised that Mr. Kimble had been employed with them since 9/18/95 and was also currently employed at Lyles Building Supplies, Lee Street, GSO, NC, which Kimble had related was going out of business.

Ms. Osborne said that Kimble works from 3PM until 11PM, and was employed n the Lamination department.

Ms. Osborne spokeA by phone to the Department manager, Phil Harris, who said that Kimble's work records showed that he worked 3:51 hours on 10/9/95. Harris also related that Harris had called the plant at approximately 9:30 PM on 10/9/95, and another employee had told him that house had caught fire and that Kimble had left to go home around 8:30PM.


Did TK tell him Lyle's was going out of business?

A-Came in at 6 pm sharp, left approx 8:30 pm




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