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Report, J. N. Davis (GCSD):  Patrick Pardee, arrest statement


Interview with Patrick Pardee
Date: 4-2-97
Location: GCSD interview room, Greensboro.

On 4-2-97 Patrick Pardee was arrested on GCSD warrant in Charlotte. He was brought to Greensboro. At 6:57am Patrick Pardee was advised Miranda. He waived and signed the waiver in presence of Sgt JN Davis and Det HG Wagner.
Following statement was made by Patrick Pardee.

Around Christmas time 1996, Rob was bringing Ted building materials and told me and Ted that he bought it from a friend that is a supervisor for a construction company. Rob made several deliveries to Ted ( lumber, doors, windows, ect) The first time I was involved ( aprox early Jan 1997 ) Ted and Rob told me they bought some lumber from Rob's friend and they wanted me to help them load it up. We went to a house under construction near Westridge and Bryan Boulevard and loaded up Ted's box truck with two bundles of lumber ( don't remember possibly 2x4's or 2x6's ). This was around 7:00 or 8:00 at night. We then took the lumber back to Lyles Building Materials. We may have talked shortly then went home.

Maybe a few nights later, we went to a house under construction near the first one. Ted, Rob and I stoped in Teds' jeep, we saw a box of nails and a box of something else and we grabbed both boxs, took them back to Lyles Building Materials, talked for a minute then went home.

A night or two later, Ted Rob and I went to the same neighborhood and saw some lumber at a house under construction in Teds' jeep. We then went back to Lyles and-got the box truck. Ted and Rob were in the box truck and I was in the jeep parked down the street, listening to the scanner. Rob and Ted loaded up with a bunch of lumber ( studs and other sizes ) then they took it back to Lyles' and I followed them. We talked for a few minutes then went out seperate ways.

Another night we went to a business of some type, on New Garden Rd. near Battleground Ave. Saw they had a stack of sheet rock, Rob, Ted and I went back to Lyles' and Ted and Rob got the box truck, went back and got 30 sheets of sheet rock while I parked across the street at the enterance to the Moose Lodge in the jeep listening to the scanner. Rob left with the box truck while Ted looked around to see -what else he could find. After about ten minutes, I drove over to pick him up. We went back to Lyles' talked for a few minutes then went home.
Another night, me and Ted took the box truck and jeep to a neighborhood on Highway 68, just north of Oak Ridge called " River Dale ". He was going to get a Jacuzzi tub or some type of tub while I waied in the jeep at the enterance, as far as I know he did not get the tub or anything that night.

Another night, Ted, Rob and I rode in the jeep to a neighborhood just north of Oak Ridge on Highway 68 to the right, saw a bunch of cedar siding. Ted, Rob and I went to Lyles' and got the box truck and trailer, Rob's truck. Went back and we loaded up the box truck with Marsh cabinets, a few sink tops from one of the houses, got about 5,000 board feet of cedar siding and other lumber, from another house we got a dishwasher and kerosene heater. We then took it back to Lyles' and went home.

Another night, Ted, Rob and I rode in the jeep to an apartment complex at the corner of Hilltop Rd. and Bridford Rd. We all got out and looked around to see what they had, we did not take anything at that time, we went back to Lyles'. I told them I was going home. The next day, Ted told me he and Rob went back and got two fireplace inserts and some insulation

Patrick Pardee




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