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Report, H. G. Wagner (GCSD):  Interview, Patrick Pardee


Interview with Patrick Pardee

Date: 4-3-97

Interview with Patrick Pardee this date referenceB&E Larcenies of several Construction sites and Northern Hudraulics.

Patrick states that approximately December of 1996, he was at Lyles Building Supply and saw Robert Nicholes unloading some lumber and it was asked by Patrick where this new lumber came from. Ted and Robert told Patrick that some of the construction people would buy more than they needed and sell the surplus to Ted. It was in January of 1997 that Ted, Robert and I were at the business of Lyles Building Materials on Lee St that a conversation came up about going to a site and getting some building materials that were supposed to be sold to Ted by the construction foreman. The three of us got in Teds box truck and Ted drove to a construction site off Westridge Rd. at Bryan Boulevard. It was approximately 7 or 8 at night. Ted drove up to some bundles of lumber and we loaded approximately 200-250 pieces of lumber. We drove back to Lyles Building Supply where we left the truck loaded until the next day.

A couple of days later, I was asked to go with Ted and Robert again to another construction site in the same area we went before. It was night time and we drove to a house under construction. We loaded several pieces of lumber such as 2x4's and 2x8's. We drove back to Lyles.

Patrick states that he became suspicious of Ted and Robert due to the fact that Ted had mentioned to Patrick that the stuff Robert had been bringing into Lyles was stolen. Patrick states, Ted would buy from Robert on an almost daily basis.

On another night we took a walk-board from a construction site near Bryan Boulevard. Robert had said he had a buyer for the board. Ted told Robert that he wanted to keep this walk-board for himself and for Robert to sell some others he had to his buyers. On another occasion, we drove to the same area and Robert, Ted and myself took several cases of nails and some plastic sheeting.

Around the first week of February 1997, we all three drove to a site in Oak Ridge where a house was under construction. We stole boxs of Marsh cabinets from this house and some sinks. We also went next door to another new house and took several bundles of cedar shakes from this site. There was another home behind these other two that we took a dishwasher and a Redi heater. We loaded all this in the box truck and Robs pick-up truck and took it back to Lyles. On another occasion, Ted and
I drove to a site on Hicone Rd. and stole a Redi heater. Another occasion we all three_ drove to Home Depot off Battleground, approximately midnight, and Ted had rented a tow motor fork lift for this occasion. We took some bundles of 4x4x8s pressure treated lumber, a bundle or two of lattice and picketts, a fiberglass shower was taken also. I drove the jeep while Ted and Rob drove back to Lyles in the box truck.

Patrick states that he, Ted and Rob drove to some apartments being built on Hilltop and Bridford Dr. We walked through them but did not take anything. It was the next day that Ted and Rob told me they went back and stole the fireplace inserts from this site.


Patrick states that on two occasions, he and Ted went to a church site on Highway 62 and stole building materials such as 2x4x14's and some roofing felt. Aslo taken was a cube of cinder-blocks.

Patrick states that he, Ted and Rob went to a site on Highway 62 near Groomtown rd and took a garden tub. They went next door to another site and took two large half circle window units, two entry door units and several 1x6 boards.

In February of 1997, Ted, Rob and I drove out to Northern Hydraulics in the box truck and we parked it near the Farmers Market enterance and walked through the woods to Northern. Ted used bolt cutters to cut the fence surrounding Northern. Once inside we took four go-carts. One was assembled and three were crated. We uncrated the three and pushed all four back to the truck. We loaded these and took them back to the Lyles lot. A few days later all three of us drove back out to Northern. We stole five more go-carts and a generator and took these back to Lyles. Ted had gone back by himself to Northern and stole a 11 HP motor and a lawn mower. He told me about it the next day.

After Northern, we, (Ted & Patrick) stole a utility trailer from a construction site on Highway 68 at gallimore Dairy Rd, where they are building a Pantry store. We took it back to Lyles and it was repainted and it stayed there for a couple weeks. About last week, Ted took the trailer to a friend of his on Randleman Rd and parked it there.

Patrick states that during the larcenies that they would use police scanner and walkie-talkies to keep in touch with each other. Patrick also states he has served as look-out man during these thefts.
Patrick rode with Sgt Davis to different locations and show him where the go-carts were at. Eight of the nine go-carts were recovered.

Patrick also took Sgt Davis to his home on Country Lake Rd, where he had a lot of construction materials hidden there. This too was recovered.

Det H.G. Wagner





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