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Report, J. N. Davis (GCSD):  Patrick Pardee, identification of theft locations


Interview: Patrick Pardee

Date: 4-10-97

On 4-10-97, Patrick Pardee agreed to ride with me and identify locations in Guilford County wherein he was involved with Ted Kimble and Robert Nicholes in theft of building materials.

Patrick showed me a Shell Station under construction on Highway 68 and Regency Rd. At the end of February or early March 1997, around 9pm, he and Ted Kimble were in Ted's jeep. They drove to 4501 Regency Dr, High Point. Ted hooked up a double axle trailer, white with black top. Patrick advised the trailer may have had C&H Construction, Pageland, SC painted on the side. He thinks it had a South Carolina tag on it. Ted pulled off with the trailer, then remembered, they had left the crank for the tounge back at the scene. Ted drove back to retreive it. They drove to Lyles Building Supply on Lee St with the trailer. Ted sanded and repainted the trailer there at Lyles's. It stayed on the lot, up until about a week before Ted was arrested. Ted used his box truck to tow this trailer to Level Cross and parked it at Gordon Nelson's building at 11075 Randleman Rd. Level Cross. Patrick advises, Ted used this trailer and the box truck to haul the stolen go carts that came from Northern Hydraulics from Lyles to Level Cross where Ted and Patrick tried to hide them.

We then drove to 7604 Keating Dr. Oak Ridge. Patrick said that early to mis February 1997, around 11pm, He, Ted and Robert drove to this location in the box truck and the tripple axle trailer. Robert drove his own pick-up truck. Patrick and Robert went to a couple of construction houses around the corner. Ted went into this house through the back door, then came to Patrick and Roberts location. When they finished loading materials from around the corner, they drove back to this house, went inside and stole a dishwasher with a missing kick plate, and a Redi heater. Both items were put in Roberts truck.

We then went to 8103 Leating Ct. This is the location around the corner from 7604 Keating Dr. The removed box's of Marsh cabinets from this construction house.

While at 8103, Mr. Bill Jones approached my car to advise that the same night the cabinerts were stolen, he had $50.00 worth of dual wire stolen also. The dual wire was lying outside in the front yard. he had not reported it at the time. Address for this larceny is 8108 Keating Ct, Oak Ridge.
Patrick advised at the construction house at 8107 Keating Ct, they took aproximately 5,000 feet of cedar sideing and loaded it on the tripple axle trailer. All materials from this neighborhood were taken back to Lyles that night.

We drove to Bitternut Trail to Lot 41. Greensboro. This is a house under construction. Patrick advised, he, Ted and Robert came here in the box truck sometime the end of December 1996 or early January 1997, between 7 and 8pm. Patrick advises that took two bundles of boards (aprox 300 boards). These were either 2x4's or 2x6's or maybe a bundle of each. These boards were in the yard next to the driveway. They took the boards back to Lyles and unloaded them there.

We then drove to a construction house on Burnt Leaf, Greensboro. Patrick, Ted and Robert took the box truck and triple axle trailer, some time mid February to this location and took "OSB" plywood, some 2x4's and 2x10's, and maybe some other lumber also. Some of this lumber was stored in the Mateer trailer. The rest was sold off the Lyles lot.

We went to the Fellowship Presbyterian Church on New Garden Rd. Patrick advised he sat across from the church in the Moose Lodge drive in Teds jeep listening to the police scanner, while Ted and Robert loaded the box truck with thirty sheets of construction grade sheet rock that was on the church property.

We went to Home Depot on Battleground Ave, Greensboro. Patrick advised he was driving the jeep and a flat bed trailer, and Ted had the box truck with the triple axle trailer. Ted had rented a fork lift from Tri-Lift on Industrial Ave earlier in the week and had the frok lift on the triple axle trailer. Sometime around midnight, they unloaded the fork lift and used it to load onto the jeep trailer, 4x4x8 lumber, 2x2 picket boards, and lattice works and a shower/tub from Home Depot's lot.
They took all this back to Lyles on Lee St.

We went to Highway 62 and US 220 South. There Patrick said, he and Ted went to the Sure Foundation Baptist Church, and took 2x4x14 board lumber. The second -- time they returned th this church, they took more 2x4x14 boards, twenty-two rolls of roofing felt, one cube of masonry blocks, and a drop coard.

We then went to two homes under construction side by side, on Highway 62 just east of Groomtown Rd. Patrick said, sometime mid February, he, Ted and Robert took a garden tub from the house closest to Groomtown Rd. At the other house they took two matching windows, two double doors, aproximately twenty, 1x6 boards of various lenghts. The took this material back to Lyles. Patrick advises they came back to this house a second time, but he doesn't remember what they took.

Patrick advised, that he, Ted and Robert all went to Northern Hydraulics on Sandy Ridge Rd. They parked the box truck at the Farmers Market and walked to Northern's fence, cut the fence and went inside and stole go-carts. They returned a couple of days later and got a couple of more go-carts.
Patrick advised they took a total of nine go-carts from Northern. He also advised, Ted had returned to Northern by himself and took two generators, a lawn mower and an 11hp Honda engine.
Sgt JN Davis D3 CID





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