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Report, Anne R. Mauney (NCDI):  Interview, Patrick Pardee


On 7-15-97 I (A.R. Mauney) interviewed Patric Pardee at the Guilford County Sheriffs Department. At the time Mr. Pardee was considered to be a confidential informant. Patric Pardeeat Guilford Detective Church was present.

During this interview the Patric Pardee stated that in early 1997 Ted Kimble told the Patric Pardee about Patricia death during a conversation they were having. Patric Pardee stated Ted told him that Ted and Ronnie had planned the murder and that is why he (Ted) went to work at Precision Fabrics in Greensboro, NC, so he could have an alibi by his time card. Ted also stated Ronnie (brother) had taken care of the murder because he (Ted) didn't want to be married anymore.

Mr. Pardee has requested that his name not be disclosed because he is afraid of Theodore Mead Kimble.

Pardee stated:

• He has known Ted Kimble for about 7 years.
• He has had limited contact with Ronnie Kimble (Brother)
• Ted Kimble owned a Chrysler Laser –RS Turbo- bought from Crown-Dodge, Wendover Ave., Greensboro, NC.
• Ted Kimble had a mid 1980's model Isuzu Truck, color silver, traded for the Chrysler – Ted took the car back and got his truck back. Later sold the truck to Robert Tidwell.
• Ted Kimble got a Camaro IROC – white- 1989 model- (Ted did not own the Camaro while married to PatriPatric Pardeea L. Blakley.
• Ted Kimble wrecked the truck once or twice – does not know about insurance claims on the truck.
• Ted Kimble owned the Camaro about 1 '/2 years- had a couple of fender benders – A body shop off Bellemeade Street in Greensboro, NC may have fixed it.
• The insurance was paying to have the vehicle repainted – maybe front fender damage
• The IROC – had a L98 Corvette engine and a T-top – a rare combination – Ted sold the IROC to a car dealer for about $6000.00 to $6500.00.
• Ted had a silver a 1986 Tempo – formerly belonged to Ted's mother who bought it new and later sold it to Ted. This was after Ted's mother bought a new Dodge Stealth. Ted later sold the Ford Tempo – needed cash.
• Ted was operating a pick-up truck – the one he later sold to Tidwell and in April or May 1995 Ted bought a 1995 Jeep Cherokee – color driftwood – from Spark's Jeeps in Concord, NC – financed some through Nations Bank.
• Ted did all banking at Nations Bank on Lee Street, Greensboro, NC near his business at 1700 Lee Street (Lyles)
• One vehicle had a crack in the windshield – Ted wanted to try and blame a truck for the damage so insurance would pay-
• Patricia had a Subaru Legacy – gray in color – at the time of her death that Ted got.
• Ted got a 1994 Suzuki GSX-R1100 motorcycle after Patricia's death and Ted said he
lost all of his clothes in the fire – South Elm Street Baptist Church raised money to

help him out – Ted used some to buy the bike – Monnett Road Baptist Church may have raised money also – Ted's father is the pastor at Monnett's-
• Ted's mother Edna works in Greensboro at an insurance company on Meadowview –processes claims.
• Ted has several weapons including a 30 caliber rifle – Ted usually carries a pistol on himself- Uses weapons as a way to intimidate people.
• In early 1997 Ted told me about Patricia's death - Ted said he and Ronnie had planned the murder and that was why he (Ted) went to work at Precision Fabrics on Meadowview Street, Greensboro, NC – so he could have an alibi by his time card.
• Ted said he married Patricia because he wanted to buy the business from Gary Lyles and he had to be married. Gary didn't want Ted to marry Janet Blakley. Patricia had a good business head on her. Ted didn't want to be married to Patricia because he was still in love with Janet.
• Ted said his brother Ronnie had taken care of the murder because he (Ted) didn't want to be married anymore – "I heard a rumor right before Patricia was killed that they were trying to get a large policy on each other. Patricia didn't really want it but I didn't think too much about it." After Patricia was killed, there was a big stink about the insurance because Ted said the policy was not in effect because of Patricia – Ted said he didn't think he would get the money because Patricia's physical had not been completed before her death.
• Ted said Patricia had a policy through her work he was trying to collect.
• Ted was trying to dump a girl named Rhonda that he had been dating so he could date someone else.
• Ted resided in a mobile home that was located behind his daddy's church.
• Janet Blakley was a former fiancee of Ted's. Thirty days later he was engaged to Patricia - Ted gave Patricia the same ring that Janet wore.
• Ted said jewelry was taken when Patricia was killed.
• Patric Pardee stated may have seen an "insurance collar" in Ted's vehicle but doesn't recall seeing Ted wear it.
• Personal insurance covered Ted's medical bills and another person's insurance paid him off regarding an auto accident.
• Ted told me how to make insurance money off insurance wrecks on cars.
• Ted said he was waiting for the insurance company to pay him for the house fire.
AR Mauney




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