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Interview, Michael Ingold (PI):  Tammy Patton


On July 21, 1998, I interviewed Miss Tammy Patton, who resides at 2587 Wayne White Road, Lot 51, Climax, North Carolina. Her telephone number is 685-0383. Miss Patton stated that on October 9, 1995, she and her boyfriend, Anthony Case, were returning to their home from Greensboro. She stated that they stopped at the First Union Bank at Randleman and Vandalia Roads, and then went across the street to the grocery store. She stated that they took Spur Road to Pleasant Garden Road. She said that at that point, she got behind a beige car. When asked to describe the car, she stated that is was not a really old car and that it had holes in the back seat. She stated that the car was going in an erratic manner by speeding up and slowing down. She stated that when they got to Hagen Stone Park Road, that the car slowed suddenly and she almost hit the car. Miss Patton stated that when the car got to Brandon Station Court, it slowed and made a right hand turn onto Brandon Station Court. She stated that at the same time, a black car in the north bound lane of highway 22, had stopped to make a left hand turn onto Brandon Station Court. Miss Patton stated that she did not know much about cars, but that the black car looked like a Chevrolet Cavalier. She said that a white male was driving the car and that she saw no passengers in the car. Miss Patton said that as she continued south, she looked into her rear view mirror and saw the black car turn onto Brandon station Court. Miss Patton told me that she did not recognize the driver as anyone she knew, and that she did not know Ronnie Kimble. Miss Patton stated that 2 or 3 days later, she came to a license check at highway 22 and Brandon Station Court. She says that she was asked by a deputy sheriff if she had been in that area on October 9, 1995 and if she had seen anything. She said that she told him that she had been in the area at about 6:20 p.m. and told him about the cars that she had seen.

Miss Patton stated that no one contacted her-until June of 1996. She stated that at that time Detective Church came to her home to show her some photographs. She stated that he first showed her some photographs of cars. She said that her exact words to Detective Church were, "I have to be honest with you, the car that I saw is not in these pictures." She said that she was then shown some photographs of some men. She said that Detective Church told her to remember that the person could have changed by growing or shaving a beard or by having longer or shorter hair. Miss Patton said that she picked out a photo and said, "This looks most like the man I saw." Miss Patton says that she has not been contacted by any law enforcement agent since. Miss Patton also stated that she was driving on the day of October 9, 1995.




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