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Permission to Search 2104 Brandon Station Ct





I, the undersigned, do hereby voluntarily authorize an officer of the Guilford County Sheriff's Department, namely DET. J.D. CHURCH , and other officers he may designate to assist him, to search my property or property over which I currently have control located at 2104 BRANDON STATION CT. PLEASANT GARDEN, N.C. 27213, and/or my motor vehicle or the motor vehicle over which I currently have control, namely N/A located at N/A N/A and bearing license N/A for the year N/A and issued by the State of N/A.


I further authorize said officers to remove from the above place, property, or motor vehicle, whatever documents, or items or property whatsoever which they deem pertinent to their investigation, with the understanding that said officers will give me a receipt for whatever is removed.

I am giving this written permission to these officers freely and voluntarily, without any threats or promises having been made, and after having been informed by said officer that I have a right to refuse this search.

/Ted Kimble/
Officer given authorization signature: /Det. J.D. Church/
Date: 10-22, 1995  Time: 1020 HRS
Items Seized:
Measurements only with Sgt. Lindell





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