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Ronnie Lee Kimble 


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Report, D. L. Deberry (GCSD): Telephone interview, Lynn Peterson regarding incident 10-15 years earlier involving Ronnie Kimble


Guilford County Sheriff's Department.

Guilford County Sheriff's Department

Witness\Suspect Statement

1. Case Number/Victim: 951009027:
2. Interview With: Lynn Peterson (674-5373)
3. Date/Time: Tue Jun 25 15:42:47 EDT 1996
4. Location: telephone
5. Interviewed By: D.L. DeBerry
6. Offense: Homicide

7. Narrative: On today's date and time I returned a telephone call to Lynn in reference the Kimble case. She advised that she called at the request of Cathy Marley and that aprox. 10-15 years ago while at the swiming pool at Maybrook MHP she was holding Cathys baby when Ronnie Kimble pushed her and the baby into the 8' end of the pool. She advised that she and the baby were able to get out due to her swimming skills and that Ronnie just stood there and laughed.





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