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Report, Harold G. Pendergrass (SBI): Interview Jerry Leander Poe, inmate Guilford County Jail


Jerry Poe was interviewed on August 26, 1997, at the Guilford Co. Sheriff's Department, High Point, NC, beginning at 11:40 AM, by SA H. G. Pendergrass and Guilford Co. Sheriff's Department Detective J. D. Church.

Poe is currently incarcerated at the Guilford Co. Jail, High Point, NC with suspect Theodore Mead Kimble, W/M, spouse of victim Patricia Kimble. During a recent conversation, Theodore Kimble admitted to Poe that he (Kimble) and his brother killed Patricia Kimble. Poe was interviewed for this purpose.

Poe stated he was born in Durham Co. and lived there most of his life before moving to High Point, NC with his wife, Regina, and their two small sons approximately 6 years ago. Poe stated he has graduated from high school and has completed two years of college at North Carolina Central University, Durham, NC. Poe stated he is employed at and operates the Green St. Pool and Game Room located at 1024 Green St., High Point, NC. Poe stated he has also worked for Darryl's Bonding Company, Greensboro, NC, telephone number 1-800-378-5327, in the past to assist in locating absconders. Poe stated he is currently in the Guilford Co. jail as a result of a probation violation regarding a forgery and uttering case which originated in Durham Co.

Shortly before his arrest, Poe stated he learned that the High Point PD was in the possession of an outstanding Order for Arrest (OFA) regarding the probation violation. On June 10, 1997, Poe stated, he subsequently called the High Point PD to verify the above information. Following this, Poe stated he then went to the High Point PD where he voluntarily surrended himself for service of the OFA which had a pre-set bond of $5,000. Once


at the High Point magistrate's office, Poe stated he was also served with an additional OFA regarding a larceny case which carried a no bond provision.

Since his incarceration, Poe stated, he has been housed at the Guilford Co. jail, High Point facility, on different floors. On or about August 19, 1997, Poe stated, he was located on the 7th floor of the jail and meeting with his attorney, Sherry Royal, of the High Point Public Defender's office regarding his pending larceny case.D During this meeting, Poe stated, he told his attorney that he did not feel anything was being doneA by the investigating police officer who had agreed to speak with the district attorney's office regarding Poe's cooperation in his pending larceny case. Poe stated he believes he has cooperated fully with the investigating officer and whatever else he had to do to help himself, Poe would do.

During this same meeting, Poe stated, he then told his attorney that Poe had learned certain information regarding a murder from another inmate who was currently housed on the 7th floor of the jail with Poe. Poe stated he provided his attorney with the inmate's first name, Ted, but did not know Ted's last name. According to Poe, he advised his attorney that during a recent conversation with Ted, Poe was told by Ted that Ted and his brother had killed Ted's wife. Poe stated Ted also told him that he and his brother had burned the house down to conceal evidence of the murder.B

On August 21, 1997 at approximately 10:00 PM, Poe stated, he was contacted at the High Point jail facility by Guilford Co. Sheriff's Department Detective Jim Church. On this occasion, Poe stated, he was told by Detective Church, that as a result of information provided to attorney Royal by Poe on a prior occasion regarding the Kimble murder, Detective Church had been requested by the district attorney's office to interview Poe and obtain any and all information Poe had related to the Kimble
murder. Poe stated he provided Detective Church with the following information. Poe stated he was on the 7th floor of the Guilford Co. jail, High Point facility, from August 08, 1997 until August 19, 1997.C During that time, Poe told Detective Church that he met a white male subject known only to Poe as Ted.

While on the 7th floor, Poe stated, he would speak and discuss the Bible and God with Ted and the other inmates. Poe told Detective Church that Ted appeared to be a religious person and

A-I believe these 2 statements cover it pretty good.

B-My case is somewhat common knowledge among inmates. I have been told that inmates talk about my case when I'm not around.

C-Poe was only on the floor 11 days.

D-Poe ask me to pray for he and his wife.  He stated they were having problems.  He said there was a hang up in his case and the prosecutor was trying to hit him with an abitual felon charge.  He gave me his name and his wife's name on a small piece of paper.  I wrote it on my prayer list and through the paper away.  (I asked Poe if he was saved and knew the Lord.  He told me yes and continued to speak about the Lord and gave the above statement.  He stated he had backslidden and gotten out of God's will.

I spoke to him a day or so later.  I spoke to him through his door.  I encouraged him to read his bible and told him what stations to lisson for sermons on the radio.

On the first conversation Poe ask me why I was in Jail after telling me why he was in jail.  I said, "you don't need to know."  I did NOT tell him nor discuss why.  

they (Poe/Ted) oftenA prayed together. On one occasion while talking and reading from the Bible (book of Timothy), Poe stated Ted expressed to Poe that Poe was someone Ted felt he could trust and had a need to tell Poe something. Poe stated he was told by Ted that he (Ted) had done something real bad and wished to repent for what he (Ted) had done. Poe stated Ted further explained that he just did not feel his heart had been cleansed from what he had done and felt comfortable and trusted Poe enough to speak to Poe about his (Ted) problem. At this point, Poe stated, Ted began to show remorse for his sorrow and openly weptB for approximately 5 minutes in Poe's presence. Poe stated he tried to console Ted by patting him gently on the back and then told Ted that Ted could talk to Poe about anything Ted had on his mind. (HA) (HA) Poe stated Ted began to relate an occasion when Ted and his brother had been drinking and smoking marijuanaC together following an argument between Ted and his wife that same day. Poe stated he was told by Ted that he and his wife had also argued on prior occasions. Poe stated Ted then admitted that he "basically lost it" resulting in Ted killing his wife. Poe stated Ted went on to admit following the murder Ted and his brother tried to cover up what he and his brother had done by setting the house on fire.

When asked by Detective Church, Poe stated Ted did not identify his brother to Poe by name. Poe stated Ted expressed regret for killing his wife by saying, " he (Ted) didn't mean to do it, but they had been arguing". According to Poe, Ted did not tell Poe what Ted and his wife had been arguing about and Poe did not ask. Poe stated he never knew Ted until Poe was moved to the 7th floor. Poe stated he doesn't know anything about Ted's family or any details of the death of Ted's wife other that what was told to Poe by Ted on that one occasion. Poe stated he only learned that Ted's last name was Kimble during the interview with Detective Church. From what he was told by Ted, Poe stated, he was left with the impression that Ted was the one who killed his wife but can not be sure.

During the interview with Detective Church, Poe stated, Ted told Poe that his (Ted) attorney's advised him that if Ted did not accept a plea and cooperate, then Ted would be left in jail
until May of next year (1998)D before Ted's case was heard in court. Poe stated to Detective Church that he (Poe) did not believe his attorney's were doing a good job because they were court appointed. Poe stated and recalls being told by Ted regarding an incident when Ted was being visited by some of his family members. According to Poe, Ted explained he got mad

A-We never read or prayed together.  I only spoke to him twice.  His cell was 3-4 doors down.  We only got 1 hr. out a day.  I believe we only came out 1-2 times on the same hour.  Records would show it.

B-Who witness this remorse.

C-I had a drug test a week or two after her death.  I went for a physical.  I went ahead and took out the $150,000 insurance.  (I don't drink or do drugs) I also had a drug test when hired at PFG.

D-I did say when asked by Poe, I'm looking at May 95' for a court date.

duringA the visit and punched a hole in the visitor's room wall. Following the visitation, Ted came out of the room and made a point of telling GC Detention. officer McCloud by pointing out the damage to the visitor's room wall claiming someone else must have created the damage. When told by Detective Church that the investigation of Patricia Kimble's murder had not revealed anything regarding marijuana use by Ted Kimble, Poe stated, he is only relating what Ted told Poe. Poe stated he knows nothing about the use of marijuana by Ted Kimble, that Poe was only reiterating what Ted Kimble: told Poe, that at the time of his (Ted) wife's murder. Ted was smoking marijuana and drinking. Poe stated Ted Kimble may not smoke marijuana or drink, but if Ted Kimble reveals anything more regarding the murder of his wife, then Poe would forward the information along to Detective Church. When asked, Poe stated he would be willing to testify in Court about all he was told by Ted Kimble regarding the murder of Kimble's wife. Poe stated he would also be willing to submit to a polygraph to verify the veracity of what was told to him by red Kimble.

At the conclusion of the above interview, Poe was asked why he was willing to provide this information to law enforcement. Poe advised that he believed the information would be of benefit to him regarding his pending charges.B SA Pendergrass advised Poe that he (Pendergrass) and Detective Church did not have the authority to make promises to Poe regarding any charges now pending against Poe, but the cooperation and information provided by Poe to Detective Church and SA Pendergrass regarding the murder of Patricia Kimble would be made known to the district attorney's office.

The interview with Jerry Poe was concluded at approximately 1:00 PM on August 26, 1997.

A-I was sure to FIRST point the damage out to the guard before intering.  It was the first thing seen when the door was opened.  No one knew who did it. I was the first visit of the day so it had to have been done the night before.  We lost visitation until it was fixed.

"A Guilty Dog Barks" you might look back on the records and see if Poe was the last visit before the damage was reported.

B-He said it. 




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