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Report, Herbert Byrd (GCSD):  Interview, Nattlie Ransom


Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Witness\Suspect Statement

1. Case Number/Victim::951009027

2. Interview With:Mrs. Nattlie Ransom

3. Date/Time:10-10-95 / 1845 hrs.

4. Location:2202 Brandon Station Rd. Pleasant Garden, N.C.

5. Interviewed By:Det. Herbert L. Byrd

6. Offense:Arson/Homicide

7. Narrative:
Mrs. Ransom stated that she saw a haze about 7:15 pm.  She stated that she thought that someone was burning leaves. She said that she was standing on he back pourch and saw the haze over the topof the trees. She also stated that she did not notice anything unsual or see any strange vehicles
in the area. She also stated that she did not know the Kimbles personaly. At one time they did attend the same church. At one point she stated that she may have seen the smoke as early as 6:45 pm.





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