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Report, John Appel (GCSD):  Interview, Douglas F. Reid

Ted Kimble's handwritten notes included as footnotes.



Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Witness\Suspect Statement

1. Case Number/Victim:: 951009027
2. Interview With: Douglas F. Reid, Jr., W/M, DOB: 4/29/70, Precision Fabrics Group, 301 E. Meadowview Road, GSO, NC, (910) 379-3100
3. Date/Time: 1610 hours, 10/10/95
4. Location: Precision Fabrics Group, 301 E. Meadowview Road, GSO, NC
5. Interviewed By: Det. John Appel, Major Crimes
6. Offense: Homicide

7. Narrative:

Douglas Reid is employed in the lamination room at PFG, and was working on 10/9/95.

Mr. Reid believes that Kimble arrived for work at approximately 5:30PM.

Mr. Reid says that he recalls Kimble working in the lamination room with everyone else during the evening.

Mr. Reid says that he was in he canteen area at approximately 7:30 PM. and observed Kimble on the telephone. Mr. Reid heard Kimble tell someone on the phone, "I'll call back in 5 minutes" or words to that effect.  Mr. Reid then saw Kimble place another telephone call.A

Mr. Reid says that later in the evening Kimble came to him looking for  Mr. Chambers. Mr. Kimble that he thought Chambers was in the warehouse. Several minutes later Kimble came to Mr. Reid and told him that he could not locate Chambers and requested that he be allowed to leave work due to a fire at his house. Mr. Reid told Kimble to go ahead and leave and Mr. Reid then located Mr. Chambers and told him about in Kimble leaving work.

Mr. Reid says that Kimble told Reid that he was working at PFG so Kimble could have some extra money.
AI called Ruben asking him to call the Church to see if Patricia was there.  I told him I didn't have the phone number and would call him back in 5 minutes.  I then tried paging Patricia again.

*Note:  J. D. Church has Patricia's pager.  He ask me what 777-7777 ment.  I told him we often paged one another with this as a code to let the other know we were thinking of them and loved them.  The pager would show the times I paged and the phone numbers of where I was.




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