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Report, D. L. Deberry (GCSD): Interview Steven Richardson

Ted Kimble's handwritten notes are included.


Guilford County sheriff's Department
Witness\Suspect Statement

1. Case Number/Victim: 951009027
2. Interview With: Steven Richardson
3. Date/Time: January 17, 1996: 1210 hrs.B
4. Location: 2600 High Point Rd. (TOBY Yogurt) Greensboro, N.C. telephone # 294-2600
5. Interviewed By: Sgt. D.L. DeBerry. Interviewed By:

5. Offense: Homicide; On today's date and time I interviewed Steven RichardsonA at his place of employment after receiving a telephone call from him.

Mr. Richardson stated that he was Ted Kimble's sunday school teacher at South Elm St. Baptist Church. Steve said that after joining the church that Patricia was the only person that sent him a note welcoming him ad he thought very highly of her. Steven said the reason he called was that he along with everyone else had doubts about Ted because of his disposition and things he has done since Patricia's murder. Steven said that Ted told him at a dinner the class was on that he had bought a new motorcycleC and this was only a week after her death.

On Tuesday night while at work 1-16-96 Steven noticed that Ted and Rhonda [unreadable]field had entered his business from seeing them on the security monitor and it bothered him so bad that he was already seeing other women that he didn't even go out front. Steven watched as Ted and Rhonda ordered and as they hugged and kissed at the counter. Steven said that his newly hired cashier came back to him to ask a question about a problem she had with the cash register and after she returned to the front Ted was aware that he was in the back. Ted then turned to the security camera and stuck out his tounge. Steven said he felt like we needed to see the tape and be aware of Ted's actions in case we didn't know. The security tape was given to Sgt. DeBerry by Steven.



A-Steve Richardson-It might of bothered him then, but it didn't bother him to hit me up for a $5000.00 loan.  I was in his store on High Point Rd and he was in the process of moving to a new location on Wendover. I told him I wished I could help him but my hands were tied at the time.  He only needed the money for a few weeks. I later said something to Patrick Pardee about it. Patrick offered to loan Steve the money. Steve said he had taken care of it.

I've known Steve for some time. He's very two-faced.  Example his wife Lisa. Steve is divorced from his first wife. Before I married Patricia I was in his shop and he was talking about how dum and employee was he hired.  Next he's telling me how good looking she is in a bikini.  A few weeks later their dating and later married.  I knew her and she didn't get smarter.  He and Lisa are still married.

B-This was just over 3 months after Patricia's death.

C-Steve talked about buying himself a motorcycle.  At the time he wanted one but couldn't afford it.  Darrel Kid can verify this.




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