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Affidavit, Ronnie Lee Kimble




I, Ronnie Lee Kimble, being first duly sworn and deposed say the following with regard to Ted Kimble and my activities on October 9, 1995:

1. My full name is Ronnie Lee Kimble.
2. My home address is 5821 Monnett Road, Julian, NC 27283.
3. I am currently with the military and stay on base during the week.
4. My address with the military is LCPL. Kimble, R. L., 240479667; MCB, H & S Bn "A" Co., Camp Lejiune, NC 28542.
5. I was born on the 17th day of January 1972, in Alamance County in the state of North Carolina.
6. Ted Kimble is my Brother.
7. On the morning of October 9, 1995, I was at home after having spent the night at home with my wife.
8. I left my house on October 9, 1995, to go to Ted Kimble's house at approximately 7 a.m.
9. I arrived at Ted's house on Brandon Station Court, Pleasant Garden at approximately 7:I5 a.m.
10. Ted answered the door and ask that I be quiet because he did not want to wake Patricia.
11. I was in Ted's house while he finished getting dressed.
12. The reason I went to Ted's house was to get the box truck. Ted had agreed to lend it to me for the day so that I could transport some underpinning for my mobile home to be purchased at Atlantic Mobile Home Supply on High Point Road in Greensboro, to my home.
13. I left Ted's house driving the box truck behind Ted about 7:30 a.m.
14. As far as I know Patricia was still in bed asleep.
15. I did not see Patricia that morning.
16. After leaving Ted's house I followed behind Ted most of the way to Lyles. I believe we may have become seperated once.
17. I arrived at Lyles behind Ted shortly before 8:00 a.m.
18. James & Steve were there when I arrived.
19. I did not think Atlantic Mobile Home Supply would open until 9 a.m. so I stayed at Lyles and helped Ted.
20. Sometime between 9 and 10 a.m. I left Lyles and went to Atlantic Mobile Home Supply to pick up the underpinning for my mobile home.
21. After picking up the underpinning I returned to Lyles to ask Ted's permission to purchase gasoline for the box truck at the Sprinkle Gas station on Ted's account.
22. Before leaving Lyles to put gas in the truck, I stayed and helped Steve build a dog house. Ted, James, Steve and my mother were there at Lyles while I was there.
23. I believe I left Lyles and went to Sprinkle before 12:45 p.m.
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Mr. Ronnie Lee Kimble

March 9, I996

24. I went straight to Sprinkle's and gassed up, putting the bill on Ted's account.
25. From the Sprinkle station, I went directly home and unloaded the underpinning from the box truck.
26. Then at about I:15 p.m. I drove the truck back to Ted's home to leave it and pick up my car, a teal green Camero.
27. When I returned the box truck, Patricia's vehicle was not there.
28. I returned to my home arriving at about 1:45 p.m.
29. Soon after getting back home, I called Ted to tell him where I hid the key to the box truck. At the time he was taking another call or helping a customer and said he would call me back.
30. I ate a late lunch at home and then began to work on the underpinning when Ted returned my call.
31. I told him where I had hid the keys to the truck and also asked if he had a fine tooth saw blade he could loan me to cut the underpinning with. He said he would check and get back to me.
32. A little while later he called me again and said he did have the kind of saw blade I needed. I ask him if he could drop it off on his way home and he told me he would not be going home until after he finished his second shift job.
33. I left my house around 3:00 p.m. and got to Lyles about 3:25 to pick up the saw
34. While I was at Lyles, I talked to James and Steve and waited on a few customers. I think one of the customers I waited on was Billy Smith.
35. At around 4:30 p.m. I left Lyles and returned home.
36. Upon arriving home I resumed work on the underpinning without going inside.
37. Sometime around 5:00 p.m. my father-in-law, James Stump, arrived and we talked about different ways to install the underpinning.
38. James Stump left about 30 minutes after he arrived.
39. At approximately 5:40 p.m., my wife, Kimberly Stump Kimble, returned home from work.
40. After my wife arrived we remained together the entire evening, including dinner, a trip to in-laws and Winn Dixie to purchase some groceries.
41. My wife and I retired for the evening at around 9 p.m. and went to bed.
42. Shortly after going to bed we received a frantic call from a female, The caller ask to speak to Edna Kimble. We informed her that she had called Edna's son's home and she should try to call or beep her. The caller said it was an emergency and conversation ended.
43. Soon after, we received another call from the same person who stated that she was Kristy Blakley (Patricia's sister-in-law), and she could not get in touch with Ted's parents. She told us that Ted & Patricia's house was on fire. We ask if they were ok and she stated that Ted was ok and Patricia's car was there but, Patricia could not be located.
44. My wife paged my mother, as my father was out of town, and after a while when she had not returned our call, my wife asked my mother-in-law to keep trying to reach my mother.
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Mr. Ronnie Lee Kimble

March 9, 1996

45. I then went to my brother's house with my wife.
46. When I arrived the house was roped-off and a female firefighter that my wife knew came over and said,"I'm sorry." She told my wife and I that a body had been found in the house.
47. Ted was already there.
48. Ted and I were sitting on the swing and were joined by Patricia's mother, Ms. Sheila Brown.
49. When it was confirmed that a body had been found in the house, Ms. Brown began to cry uncontrollably.
50. My wife and I left the scene approximately 30 to 45 minutes after arriving.
51. We went directly to the Stump's house.
52. After meeting with my in-laws, they joined my wife and I and we all went to the church where the Kimble's, Blakley's, Stump's and Ms. Brown met with friends and concerned neighbors and law enforcement personnel.
53. My wife and I returned home at approximately 2 a.m., October I0, I995,
54. I notified the base, explaining the situation and was given leave to stay with my family. We spend the night with my parents.
55. To my knowledge and observation, Ted had a healthy, loving and normal relationship with his wife, Patricia, in every way.
56. I have not seen or heard anything that would indicated to me that Ted was involved in the death of Patricia Kimble in any way.
57. I do not believe Ted had anything to do with Patricia Kimble's death.
58. I have absolutely not conspired or participated in the death of Patricia Kimble or the fire at the Kimble home and I have no knowledge or information of Patricia Kimble's death except what I have derived from conversations with authorities, friends and family, which is information I consider to be common knowledge.

I have provided the above information (1 through 58) freely and truthfully to the best of my ability. I have read the above information and have verified it's accuracy.

/Ronnie Lee Kimble/
Ronnie Lee Kimble

I certify the above named individual appeared before me this the 10th day
of March I996

/Pat Crutchfield/

My commission Expires May / 11 / 1999
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