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Ronnie Lee Kimble 


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Extradition, Ronnie Lee Kimble


Name : Ronnie Lee Kimble 
On 1 April 1997, the following advice was given to me Elizabeth Ann Martineau, SAUSA, regarding extradition:

RLK The above named attorney is not my attorney and will not represent me in these matters but merely explain the process of extradition and my rights regarding that process.
RLK The requesting jurisdiction
RLK The offense alleged in the warrant The definition of extradition
RLK My right to the assistance of a lawyer
RLK My right to demand a hearing in civilian court to test the legality of the arrest
RLK My right to waive a hearing testing the legality of the arrest
RLK The requirements of North Carolina State law regarding extradition

/Ronnie L. Kimble/

97 04 01


Witnessed by (signature)




*I, Ronnie Lee Kimble, United States Navy (United States Marine Corps), having been advised of my rights to formal extradition as provided for in sections 0604 JAC Manual by Elizabeth Ann Martineau
(name of military or civilian attorney) of Marine Corps Base, SAUSA, Camp Lejeune NC (address of attorney, waive such rights and agree to accompany Det J. D. Church, a representative of the
State of North Carolina, into the territorial limits of said State--Guilford County. I have been advised that the crime which I am charged to have committed in the State of North Carolina is
as follows:

/Ronnie L. Kimble/



(Signature of witness)




In the consideration of the delivery of Cpl. Ronnie Lee Kimble, U.S. Marine Corps, for the charges of: NCGS 14-17 ( 1st Degree Murder), attached to I co. 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines, 2d Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, for trial in the State of North Carolina, Guilford County, I hereby agree pursuant to the authority vested in me as Det J. D. Church, that Cpl Ronnie Lee Kimble, will be transported to the State of North Carolina, Guilford County without any expense to any such service member or the United States and that the service member's immediate Commanding Officer will be notified immediately of the outcome of any trial and that Cpl. Ronnie Lee Kimble, will be returned to Marine Corps Base, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, or to such place as the Secretary of the Navy shall designate, or transportation issued thereto, without expense to the United States or to the service member delivered, immediately upon dismissal of the charges or completion of the trial in the event that the service member is acquitted, or immediately upon satisfying the sentence, of the court in the event that the service member is convicted and a sentence imposed, or upon other disposition in the case; provided that the Department of the Navy shall then desire the service member's return.

/Det J. D. Church/


Det. J. D. Church

Typed name and title

01 APRIL 97


Witnessed by:



Typed name and title
1 April 97


*Prepared in accordance with 32 C.F.R. Section 720




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