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Report, Harold G. Pendergrass (SBI):  Ronnie Kimble Arrest Interview


SBI CASE: 1995-03251
ACTIVITY: April 1, 1997
VICTIM: Patricia Gail Kimble
DICTATED: April 10, 1997
RECEIVED: April 15, 1997
TYPED: April 16, 1997
COPIES: (1) Records; (2) SA H. G. Pendergrass; (3) SAC J. M. Burns; (4) District Attorney H. M. Kimel, Jr.


On April 1, 1997, at approximately 9:15 a.m., SA Pendergrass, Criminal Specialist T. C. Childrey, and Guilford County Sheriff's Department Detectives J. D. Church and S. J. McBride met with Naval Criminal Investigative (NCIS) SA Samuel G. Worth and SA Kenneth S. Reuwer at the NCIS office located on the Marine Corps base at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. At that time, officers were advised by SA Worth that suspect Ronnie Lee Kimble, white male, date of birth January 17, 1972, had been taken into custody by SA Worth and SA Reuwer earlier this same day and had not been questioned regarding the murder of Patricia Kimble prior to the arrival of local officers.

At approximately 10:15 a.m., SA Pendergrass and Detective Church met with suspect Ronnie Kimble in SA Worth's office. At that time, Detective Church advised suspect Kimble that Detective Church was in the possession of an arrest warrant charging Kimble with first degree murder. Detective Church went on to explain to Kimble that Kimble should first listen to what Detective Church had to say regarding the investigation surrounding the murder of Patricia Kimble before Kimble made any type of statement. Detective Church also explained that Kimble should consider cooperating with authorities in this matter considering the Guilford County District Attorney's Office would be seeking the death penalty in this case.

At no time while Detective Church spoke with suspect Kimble did Kimble request the presence of an attorney. At one point, however, Kimble did state, "Why don't you tell this to my attorney'?" Suspect Kimble then stated, "What do you want me to say, I did not do it." Detective Church stated he did not wish to speak to any attorney before explaining the circumstances surrounding the murder of Patricia Kimble that Ronnie Kimble was now being charged with. Later during his conversation with suspect Kimble, Detective Church showed Kimble crime scene



photos of Patricia Kimble with Ronnie Kimble stating, "That's disgusting."

While speaking with suspect Kimble on this occasion, Kimble was allowed two bathroom breaks and given three cups of water upon Kimble's request. At no time during the bathroom breaks were questions asked of suspect Kimble regarding the murder of Patricia Kimble before advising Ronnie Kimble of his Constitutional Rights. At no time did suspect Ronnie Kimble make a statement nor admit to officers that Kimble was involved or responsible in any way for the death of Patricia Kimble. The interview of suspect Kimble was also interrupted at one point to allow Kimble to sign for his military pay check.

After making little or no progress in an attempt to encourage suspect Ronnie Kimble to cooperate in this matter, at approximately 12:18 p.m., the interview with suspect Kimble was terminated.

Following this, NCIS SA Worth notified the USMC Staff Judge Advocate's office regarding procedures to have suspect Ronnie Kimble formally turned over to Guilford County authorities. SA Worth was advised that personnel at the Staff Judge Advocate's office would prepare the necessary paperwork and would come to the NCIS office where they would meet with Kimble. During this time, lunch was provided to suspect Kimble by Detective Church from a local on base Burger King.

At approximately 2 p.m., Captain Elizabeth Ann Martineau of the USMC Staff Judge Advocate's office arrived and subsequently met with SA Pendergrass and Detective Church. At that time, Detective Church was required to sign a Delivery Agreement (attached); whereby, Detective Church, representing the Guilford County Sheriff's Department, would agree to return Ronnie Kimble to the USMC at Camp Lejeune if the charges against Kimble were dismissed or following completion of trial in the event Kimble was acquitted. Following this procedure, Captain Martineau then met with suspect Ronnie Kimble to explain the extradition process. Suspect Ronnie Kimble agreed to waive extradition (attached) and return to Guilford County to answer the charge of first degree murder.

At approximately 2:36 p.m., Detectives Church and McBride then took suspect Ronnie Kimble into custody from NCIS SA Worth. At this point, Detective Church inquired if Kimble wished to appear



before a Guilford County magistrate in lieu of Kimble's appearance before an Onslow County magistrate. Suspect Kimble told Detective Church that he preferred being transported to Guilford County for his appearance before a Guilford County magistrate. Following this, suspect Kimble was handcuffed, placed in a Guilford County Sheriff's Department unmarked unit, and subsequently transported from the NCIS office to the Guilford County magistrate's office. Once back at the Guilford County Sheriff's Department, at approximately 7:30 p.m., Detective Church advised suspect Ronnie Kimble of his Constitutional Rights (attached) prior to asking Kimble any questions regarding the murder of Patricia Kimble. Kimble refused to sign a written waiver of his rights to speak to Detectives Church and McBride. Following this, Kimble was taken before a Guilford County magistrate for a bond hearing and subsequently placed in the custody of the Guilford County Jail under no bond.






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