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John Hatfield:  Conference with Ronnie Kimble




Defendant and Neill Silverthorn collected brass, aluminum, etc. "DDD" - Dixie Dumpster and collected scrap. "Brass and can."

Collected brass in firing ranges. Defendant bought a $400 Citizen dive watch - nice watch. Neill bought his wedding band.

Defendant and Neill did a roofing job for Chaplain Cusick. Square + 1/2.

Ray Thomas needed roof patch job. Neill on leave. Defendant started job by himself. Worked on it in the evenings. This led to a further re-roofing job. Split money with Neill who helped him finish up.

After Neill left Marine Corps defendant had nobody to "brass and can" with.

JIM DAZZACIC worthless drunk whom defendant saved and led him to the Lord.

Jim told investigator never seen defendant mad. Rarely raised voice.

Jim told them defendant had a totally different way of handling things.

Neill took a polygraph test. They asked Jim if defendant ever took him to Patricia's house.



1. RP3 Erin Wilson: She told them Ronnie lives to be with his wife. Work base Chaplain's.

2. Miss Kelly - civilian. She knew all about the situation. They asked her why Ronnie appeared nervous. We know they are going around saying defendant acted nervous. They told Kelly Ronnie was "last person to see Patricia alive."

3. Corporal Cozort

Ms. Gomez

4. RP1 Shephard - May refuse to talk to me. She cared about defendant - she hugged defendant at times. Cried on her shoulder.

5. RP1 Cato - black - no help

6. L. Corporal Dabosh - an idiot. - he talked to investigator and took a polygraph test. Dabosh was around defendant whole time this happened. Tried to prove that Dabosh drove defendant's car. Dabosh told investigator that he was up here in Greensboro this weekend. He drove his truck up here and hooked up to Ted's trailer looking for mobile home underpinners. Dabosh had duty on Sunday so would have had .... Sherry Wilson: A friend - dated him. Dabosh does not know Ted.




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