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John Hatfield:  Conference with Ronnie Kimble



Joel Oakley says that he represents a man named Nichols - charged with B&E and a possession of stolen goods in connection with Ted Kimble.

Nichols contacted a friend. Det. John Davis of GCSD accused Nichols of interfering with one of his witnesses in the Kimble case. Davis told Oakley to tell Nichols to be careful.

What does Nichols have to do with Ted Kimble? Oakley says that Nichols did not even know Kimble at the time Patricia died.

Polly Sizemore saw me in the court house Monday 4/21/97 and would not speak to me. This after I had a 25 minute phone conversation with her last Thursday 4/17/97 reference her call to Kim Kimble telling Kim to be aware that she might be charged on an accessory after the fact. Polly is totally unreliable and dishonest.

On April 17, 1997 it is likely that Panosh approached Polly because he knew she was related to Kim's mom and wanted to communicate a threat to Kim.

Polly Sizemore's phone #379-1390.


Defendant remembers Church telling him that Kim or James Stump could be charged as accessories. This happened on April 2, when defendant was...

Ted's mom told Ron that Ted's attorney "shook him up" because he was not taking it seriously enough.

Ted has repeatedly apologized to Ron through his mom.

Ted's best friend is Patrick (LNU). He may testify against Ted. Patrick is accusing Ted of teaching him how to commit fraud.

Rob (LNU) (Martin?) works at Lyles. Ron Kimble Sr. has Rob on videotape saying that cops have offered him a deal.

Mitch Widden, good friend in Virginia. Kim and Ronnie visited the Widdens 3-4 months ago. Ron and Kim were thinking of going to bible college.

Ron told Mitch about a dream - nobody was there. Mitch said he would never repeat it. Told Mitch that in the dream - dreamed that Ted offered money and that defendant dreamed he was in Patricia's house. Dream ended with defendant hearing a gunshot.

Mitch knew that Patricia had died - Mitch knew that defendant had been questioned by detectives.
While Ron and Kim were up there Judy Stump told defendant that Church had come around asking questions.

Ron and Mitch discussed dreams. What were they? Mitch told Ron about a dream he had that concerned him. LATER MITCH SHOWED UP AT BASE AND ACTED FUNNY.

Rodney Woodling called Ted at Lyles. Defendant walked in middle of conversation. Defendant heard Ted say Rodney - I never hired you or anybody else to do anything to Patricia. Defendant could tell from context that police were setting up Ted.

Patricia's mother also called Ted at Lyles and you could tell that she was wired. Ted said he could tell that she was wired.

Obviously, police had convinced her that Ted had something to do with it.

Charles West - they were roommates but not really friends. West was not a Christian; believed in evolution. West was nasty. Basically did not get along.

West wanted to get into police work. West would lie to get in good with the police.

West tried to start a fight with defendant. West looked like a total fool. West was cussing and yelling at defendant. West tried to tackle defendant.

West told Ronnie that he had changed his story about Patricia. West was obviously thinking about the investigation of defendant.

West was saying that Ronnie was changing his times.

Steve, who worked at Lyles, is very slow and stupid. Not a good witness for anybody.

James Ogburn still works for Ted. He tells it like it is. Very truthful and direct. Ogburn knows Ron left Lyles at 4:30.

Billy Smith - customer - said Ron left at 4:30.

Neill Silverthorne - no problem




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