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John Hatfield:  Conference with Ronnie Kimble

Handwritten notes are in red



2nd interview - DeBerry - February, 1997 by Monroe listening in. Tape interview - July-August 1997 (AC in back).

Jim Church - tape - Church did most of the talking. Harold Pendergrass was there,

Major Gregory Monroe - Navy investigator 10/30/95 - first interview time,

DeBerry has not given any statement to Church.

Attorney supposedly represented the Kimbles and thus Church backed off.

Seven months after Patricia's death in March.

End of March - Church says - Ronnie did not wish to talk to SBI.

Church claims he was misled for several months by the idea that North or Cook was representing the Kimbles.

Church threatened to take the Kimbles before a federal grand jury.

"I have been misled."

"It looks real bad on you."

"We need answers from you."

0615: Interview of 10/30/95 - Agent Monroe

"A ton of inconsistencies in these" according to Church. Pendergrass says he has a copy of the 10/30/95 interview.

First thing that hit Church's mind was - mistaken on Ted's wedding date.

Christy - Ronnie said an unknown female called night Patricia's sister-in-law called. Ken took the call - not Ronnie.

Ronnie's mother has a pager.

Ronnie says everybody in the family has a pager.

U.S. Navel Criminal Investigation Service report.

750 - Second Side

Copy of receipt from purchase at Atlantic Mobile Homes

James Ogburn - very smart.

Church says Ogburn is very smart. Gave a statement to Dave North saying he saw Ronnie at 3:45 - 4:30.

James Ogburn (B.M.) says that when Ronnie came in there with the truck 12:15 and talked to Ted.

Church claims that another witness saw Ronnie in his truck and a second person drove up.

1100: James Ogburn said "another white male" came in behind driving Ronnie's car. (This would be Dobish)

Ronnie says...

Ogburn told a "reliable person" this.

Ogburn said Ronnie was there with another white male - military type was there.

At 3:00 Ronnie was ...

Ronnie says "nobody drove my car that day."

Ronnie says that is not true.

Ogburn told "another person."

Apparently James Ogburn does not want to talk to Church but has told the reliable third person.

Ogburn does not cooperate with Church. So Ogburn said Ronnie came back at 3:00 p.m.

Took truck back to Ted and Patricia's house and parked it. No cellular phone in box truck.
Ronnie noticed nothing unusual at Ted and Patricia's house.

Called Ted at time he was eating lunch at home.

Ronnie told Ted where he left gas receipt. Left keys stuck in seat. Fine tooth saw blade.

Went back to Lyles some time "after 3:00 because left his house at 3:00. School was about to let out.

Went home before 4:30. Resumed working on underpinning.

Church told Ronnie that he told the agent he got home at 4:30 (Monroe statement).

1630: About 1/2 hour later Mr. Stump arrived.

NOTE: Ronnie recalls telling Monroe that Stump got there 15 minutes after he got there.
Monroe did not have a tape recorder. Interviewed Ronnie at bldg. 37 where he worked.

Interview lasted no more than one hour.

Monroe wrote in Ronnie's presence

According to Church, Ronnie told Monroe that Stump got there at 5:00 p.m.

Ronnie corrected this to Church and said Stump got there at 10 minutes to 5.

Kim arrived after Stump left. Ronnie said Kim got home around 5:40 "as far as I know."

Events after Ken got home - went by Stumps briefly - went to Winn Dixie.

That's basically all I remember.

Can't remember when or why they went to Stumps.

Can't remember what he was wearing. Probably jeans and work boots or cowboy boots.

Stump came by said Ronnie did not have a shirt on.

** A lady saw Ronnie and told Church what color shirt he had on.

Went to Stumps and then can't remember where they went.

Ate at 7:30 or 8:00.

"We were planning on going to bed early." Kim told Church they ate at 8:30.

Left Stumps and went to BiLo or Winn Dixie.

Cancelled check.

Watched T.V. at 8:30.

Monroe asked Ronnie how he could remember so well - nervous about being interviewed.

"Why were you so nervous about being interviewed."

Circumstances of summer of '96 interview:

SBI in Jacksonville, NC - Ronnie met them at mall parking lot. Met Church and Pendergrass. Followed them in his truck. Ronnie had a little recorder.

They talked for 3 - 4 hours. Met at 12:00 and got out at 1600.

Ronnie does not think they were taping.

Polygraph guy came in later on. They tried to convince Ronnie to take polygraph. They explained the machine to Ronnie.

Polygraph operator got mad when he realized no test would take place.

Church pulled out a manila folder - pics were pasted inside.

6 pics - one was Neill Silverthorne and defendant. Other 4 were marines. Front views and side views.

** Woman supposedly identified defendant near his brother's house at 6:20 p.m.

They told James Stump the same thing.

Church told Ronnie the woman identified his front view and side view and color of car at a glance. Her husband was with her. She was the driver. This was seven months later.

Several months after October, 1995, Agent Monroe came and took pics of Ronnie. Monroe may have taken two sets of pics.

This woman had never seen defendant before in her life.

Church told Ron Kimble, Sr. they estimated Patricia's death at 6:15 p.m.

General discussion with Ronnie.




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