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Conference with Ronnie Kimble





DATE: JUNE 24, 1998

I had a conference at the jail with Ronnie Kimble on this date. Ronnie says that after Mitch was discharged from the Marine Corps he only saw him two further times and those were the visits to Lynchburg and subsequently a visit a week or two later to Camp LeJuene. Prior to the visit to Lynchburg, Ronnie had never met Mitch's wife nor had Mitch's wife met Ronnie's wife. Ronnie now recalls that he arrived at Mitch's house late Thursday evening after he and Kim had eaten at a nearby Shoney's. They called Mitch and they agreed to meet at the campus because Ronnie did not know how to get to Mitch's house. The following day, Friday, Ronnie got tired sitting in class and told Mitch he was going to get some rest and eat. Ronnie remembers that Mitch introduced him to several guys. They had met in the Marine Corps and then came to Lynchburg. One person had been a musician and had actually been successful at cutting a record. Ronnie recalls at a subsequent time that Mitch told him he "shared" the story of Ronnie's dream with this individual. Ronnie says Dr. Wilmington will surely be able to tell us more about the musician.

Ronnie recalls that when Mitch showed up at Camp LeJeune he first got a call and Mitch's wife was on the line. She said she was sorry she passed out when Ronnie and Kim were visiting them and thanked them for coming to her house and that she looked forward to seeing them again. Then Mitch got on the phone and told Ronnie he was in Camp LeJeune and suggested that they have lunch.

A little while later Mitch phoned up at Ronnie's chapel and Ronnie was vacuuming. Ronnie said within a few minutes he would go for lunch. Ronnie looked for Darcy but decided to lock the office and have lunch. When he was walked to the car, Mitch said I have talked to a lawyer about what you told me. Ronnie said I don't see why you did that. They got in Ronnie's truck. Mitch indicated he had no time for lunch. Mitch was in tight jeans and shirt. It looked like he could have been wired but Ronnie didn't think so. Ronnie says there must have been more discussion because Mitch said why don't you just ask your brother for the money. Ronnie responded that he would think he was crazy.

Ronnie was positive Mitch told him that he had shared the dream with the guy in the record business. Ronnie says he doesn't remember if he told Kim afterwards about the meeting with Mitch. He also said it didn't really worry him.




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