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Conference with Ronnie Kimble


Letter from Sherry Wilson - 697-7463 - Jim Dzjezilc's girl friend. Jim is in Okinawa until December, 1997.

Sherry said that Jim said that his words were twisted by Detective Church. As far as Ronnie knows, Sherry and Jim are still close and Jim still supports Ronnie.

Visit to Mitch Whidden in Lynchburg

Thursday: Got there late Thursday 9-10:00 p.m. They left Portsmouth late. Ronnie was never alone with Mitch Thursday night.

Friday: Went to class at Liberty. Attended Rick's class.

Ronnie and Kim tried to see Dr. Fallwell. Ronnie and Kim had lunch alone. Saw Mitch after lunch. Drove Mitch back to his house. Hung out during the afternoon.

The apartment was very small. Talked to Judy Stump on phone (can we prove this?). Found out Church called. Ronnie and Mitch -studying Bible together after going out to dinner.

Ronnie and Mitch were discussing OTIS LNU, a black guy at base--who was trying to bust his church apart.

Ronnie and Mitch wanted to straighten out Otis.

Discussion of NIV version of the Bible. New International Version.

It was 9-10:00 p.m.

Ronnie asked Mitch his opinion of dreams. Ronnie said I'll share something with you as long as it stays with you. Ronnie said it will be with you "to the grave."

Mitch said there was not a lot about dreams in the Bible. God talked to people through dreams sometimes.

Ronnie felt Mitch was knowledgeable about the Bible.


Ronnie told Mitch that he dreamed that Ted and another guy and Ronnie were carrying on a conversation and Ted offered $20,000 for somebody to kill Patricia.

Then Ronnie heard a loud noise (gunshot) and woke up.

Two to three weeks later Mitch called Ronnie at Chaplain's office at Camp Lejeune and said he would stop by.

Came by and brought up quote from scripture - something from Peter - Ronnie reading Peter in order to locate the passage. Mitch suggested Ronnie should talk to somebody about dream. Mitch said he had talked to a lawyer and he was not liable for what Ronnie told him. Mitch was sitting with Ronnie in Ronnie's truck - drove Mitch around back of chapel.

Mitch brought up a dream he'd had. Telling Ronnie that one night he woke up upset, dreaming that a man was abusing a little girl. Mitch said that he prayed that God would strike this man dead so the little girl would not be hurt. Later Mitch said that he read in the paper that a man had died. He thought it might be the man who was abusing the little girl.

Ronnie says the whole conversation was off the wall. Very strange. Ronnie became suspicious of Mitch's intentions.

Mitch also told Ronnie he had talked to a lawyer and was advised that he wasn't responsible or liable in anyway.

Ronnie's comment was I could have told you that because what we said to each other was private.




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