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Report, Harold G. Pendergrass (SBI):  Interview, Ronnie Lee Kimble

Ted Kimble's notes in red, Ronnie Kimble's notes and edits are in blue.



SBI FILE: 1995-03251(Activity Code 16)
VICTIM: Patricia Gail Kimble
Activity: July 25, 1996
DICTATED: July 29, 1996
RECEIVED:  August 1, 1996
TYPED:  August 9, 1996
COPIES: (1) Records; (2) SA H. G. Pendergrass; (3) SAC J. M. Burns; (4)District Attorney Jim Kimel.
Ronnie Lee Kimble, W/M/01-17-72, (Res) United States Marine Corp, Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, NC, (Tel) 910-451-1781, (Res) 5821 Monnett Rd., Julian, NC, (Tel) 910-697-2687, (Witness)

Kimble was interviewed on July 25, 1996, at the Jacksonville SBI office, by SA H. G. Pendergrass and Guilford Co. Sheriff's Department Detective J. D. Church.

Kimble was last seenAA in the area of 2104 Brandon Station Court, Pleasant Garden, NC, residence of victim Patricia Kimble, on October 09, 1995. Kimble is also the brother-in-law of the victim and was interviewed for this purpose.

Prior to the July 25, 1996 interview, Detective Church had made arrangements and Kimble agreed to meet at the Jacksonville Mall located on Western Blvd, Jacksonville, NC, in the area of the Sears Automotive Department, before being accompanied to the SBI Jacksonville office for interview purposes. At approximately 12:45 PM, Kimble was met at the Jacksonville Mall by SA Pendergrass, SA J. D. Webster and Detective Church. Kimble stated he did not wish to leave the mall area but subsequently agreed to
voluntarily accompany the above agents and detective to the SBI office where the interview with Kimble was conducted. Once at the Jacksonville SBI office, Kimble was further advised that he was not in custody and was free to leave at any time. Ronnie Kimble requested and was allowed to utilize a tape recorder during this interview.

Kimble stated he is currently a member of the United States Marine Corp having enlisted in the Marine Corp sometime in 1993. Kimble stated he resides on-the Camp Lejeune Marine Corp base, barracks HP-51, and is presently assigned to the USMC base Chaplin's office as a duty driver. Kimble stated he currently holds the rank of Lance Corporal. Kimble stated he is due to complete his obligation with the Marine Corp sometime next year. When asked, Kimble stated he joined the Marine Corp because of a "broken heart" after breaking up with a former girlfriend and to "serve his country". Kimble stated he is presently married to Kimberly Stump, W/F, who is expecting their first child. Kimble stated he has completed high school. Following completion of his military service, Kimble

AWho saw him?

AThey had already concluded this to be fact with no evidence


stated, he plans to apply for a job with the US Post Office. Prior to joining the Marine Corp, Kimble stated, he was employed with D. H. Griffin Wrecking Co., Greensboro, NC and was a self-employed landscaper.

When asked, Kimble stated, he has
previously been interviewed by Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent Gregory Munroe and Guilford County Sheriff's Department Sergeant David Deberry regarding this investigation shortly after the October 09, 1995 death of Patricia Kimble, victim in this investigation. Based on the October 30, 1995 interview of Kimble by SA Munroe, Kimble was asked to clarify and answer additional questions regarding his October 09, 1995 activities.

Kimble stated on the morning of October 09, 1995, utilizing his Camaro, he left his 5821 Monnett Rd., Julian, NC residence and drove to his brother's, Ted Kimble, 2104 Brandon Station Court, Pleasant Garden, NC residence recalling his arrival being at approximately 7:15 AM. Upon arrival, Kimble stated he parked his Camaro to the left of the garage area. Kimble stated the purpose of going to his brother's residence was to borrow a truck from his brother, Ted, to haul some underpinning for Ronnie Kimble's trailer residence for later installation. Upon arriving at Ted Kimble's residence, Ronnie Kimble stated he knocked and was admitted into the residence by Ted who told Ronnie Kimble to be quiet because Patricia Kimble had not gotten up yet. Moments later, Ronnie Kimble stated he obtained the keys to the truck and subsequently walked outside followed by Ted Kimble. After starting the truck, Ronnie-Kimble stated he was instructed by his brother, Ted, to follow him (Ted) to Lyles Building Materials. As directed, Ronnie Kimble, stated he followed his brother Ted, who was operating his Jeep on this occasion, to the Lyles business location.

Because he could did not remember know if Atlantic Mobile Home Supply opened at 9:00AM or 10:00AM, Ronnie Kimble stated, he remained at Lyles to help out before going onto Atlantic Mobile Home Supply where he intended to obtain the underpinning. Later that same morning, Ronnie Kimble stated, he went to Atlantic Mobile Home Supply where he purchased the underpinning. Following this, Ronnie Kimble stated he returned to Lyles. Once returning to Lyles, Ronnie Kimble stated he recalls observing his mother, Ted, and two of Ted's employees, Steve (unable to recall last name) and James Ogburn, B/M. After remaining at Lyles for a period of time, Ronnie Kimble stated, he left Lyles driving the truck to deliver the underpinning to his 5821 Monnett Rd. residence. Before getting home, Ronnie Kimble stated, he stopped at a local convenience store where he purchasedA gas for the truck. Ronnie Kimble stated he then proceeded on home to unload the underpinning recalling his arrival at home being


AI earlier stated I thault Ronnie got gas on the way to work, but didn't.  After picking up the underpining and returning to Lyles, He stated he was going to fill up at Sprinkles.  He signed on my account.  I through the tickets away after paying the bill.


sometime after 12:00 noon.

When asked, Ronnie Kimble stated, he was not accompanied by anyone on October 09, 1995. After unloading the underpinning, Ronnie Kimble stated he left his residence and returned the truck to his brother's 2104 Brandon Station Court residence. Upon arrival at Ted's residence, Ronnie Kimble stated he did not notice anything out of place or anything unusual about the residence. When asked, Ronnie Kimble stated, he
did did not recall observing a cellular telephone in the truck on this occasion. After delivering the truck, Ronnie Kimble stated he obtained his Camaro and returned home. Once back at home, Ronnie Kimble stated, he then telephoned Lyles to speak
with his brother to let him know the truck had been returned and where Ronnie Kimble had placed the key and gas receipt. Ronnie Kimble stated he was told Ted was busy and that he would return his (Ronnie) call. While waiting for Ted's return call, Ronnie Kimble stated he made lunch for himself. Shortly thereafter, Ronnie Kimble stated, his brother called. During the ensuing telephone conversation, Ronnie Kimble stated, he told Ted where he (Ronnie) had placed the gas ticket and key to the truck. Ronnie Kimble stated he also inquired if Ted had a fine tooth saw blade which Ronnie needed to cut the underpinning.

Later that same day, Ronnie Kimble stated he left his residence and returned to Lyles sometime around 3:30 PM to obtain the fine tooth saw blade. After remaining at Lyles for approximately one hour, Ronnie Kimble stated he returned home sometime around 4:30 PM
A to begin installing the underpinning. Ronnie Kimble stated he remained at his residence until accompanying his wife to her parent's residence. When asked, Ronnie Kimble stated he remained with his wife, Kimberly, the entire evening. When further questioned regarding his whereabouts on October 09, 1996, Ronnie Kimble stated, he had already answered most of those questions during his October 30, 1995 interview with SA Munroe. At this point during the interview, Ronnie Kimble was requested to submit to a polygraph examination. Ronnie Kimble stated he wished to think it over before taking a polygraph examination because he did not trust the "machine" or the polygraph examiner.A

After allowing SA Walt House to explain the process of administering the polygraph test, Ronnie Kimble then requested SA House allow Kimble to view the polygraph instrument. After this, Kimble returned to the SBI conference room and stated after further thought, he still did not wish to submit to a polygraph examination on this occasion. At this point, Ronnie Kimble was shown two photo line-ups consisting of six individuals to include Ronnie Kimble. Ronnie Kimble was then told that his photograph contained in the photo line-up had been identified by an individual who had seen


ARonnie was at my office at 4:30 pm.

AI had considered but I had been told not to.


Ronnie Kimble at or near the residence of victim Patricia Kimble located at 2401 Brandon Station Court between approximately 6:20 and 6:25 PM on October 09, 1995. Following this, Ronnie Kimble stated the individual who had identified him from the photo line-up was a "liar" further stating that he had an alibi as to his whereabouts on the evening of October 09, 1995. Ronnie Kimble further stated that if officers did not intend to charge or arrest him on this occasion for the death of Patricia Kimble then he was leaving. At this point, the interview was terminated with Ronnie Kimble being allowed to leave the Jacksonville SBI office.


Interview concluded 1630 HRS.

PDF, includes both copies



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