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John Hatfield:  Memo, Ronnie Kimble




DATE: JULY 30, 1998

On this date David Lloyd and Jack Hatfield visited Ronnie Kimble at the Guilford County Jail. The meeting began at 8:10 a.m. and ended at 10:15 a.m. Ronnie appeared well rested and indicated that he was ready to have a serious conversation about the status of the case and he understood that he may not see either of us for any significant period of time before the trial. We also advised him that we would be so busy once the trial began on individual matters that he may not be able to have any lengthy conversations with us.

It was also pointed out to Ronnie that he has a serious problem with the issue of stalking women that had broken up with him and the State appears ready to show this pattern and further that Ronnie even stalked Joy Hedgecock Dyer after she broke up with him. Ronnie says that he really and truly does not remember owning a rifle at that time and doesn't believe he brandished one in the vicinity of the Mayflower Restaurant.

Ronnie says that he does not know why his mother would have told Mrs. Grimes that he had a drinking problem because he has never had a drinking problem. On the other hand, he admits to binge drinking in high school and this would seem more to the point but it appears that Ronnie simply doesn't agree with the term for the sporadic drinking when he was a high school student. Ronnie says he has no drinking problem. Ronnie also says he doesn't think there is anything wrong with wearing a hunting knife on his belt.

David Lloyd pointed out to Ronnie that he has a real problem with the issue of ending up on death row if a jury finds him guilty and that the long and protracted appeal process is very complicated. Ronnie indicated he understood this. Ronnie also understood that life without parole means many years in close confinement and the situation will not be pleasant. He understands this.

The proposed plea bargain Panosh offered David Lloyd was again explained to Ronnie. It was made clear that he could avail himself of a sentence in the vicinity of 12 years if he would admit his involvement and testify against Ted. Ronnie stated that why should he plead guilty to something he did not do.

After a general discussion about the plea bargain, Jack told Ronnie he wanted to have a serious conversation based on Kim's visit with him on Wednesday. At the beginning of the meeting it was explained to Ronnie that Kim was hiring a lawyer to handle her divorce and that our position as his lawyer would be to agree

and allow a judgment to be entered as soon as possible. I also explained to Ronnie the probability that the break down of the marriage took place during the period between September, 1996, when Kim miscarried, and January, 1997 when Kim and Ronnie visited the Whidden family in Lynchburg. A series of telephone calls from an old girl friend probably ruined Ronnie's marriage.

Jack suggested to Ronnie that a possible explanation of the case is that Ted wanted Patricia dead and Edna could likely be the person who killed her because she appeared to be a coldhearted person. It was also pointed out that Ronnie's father had driven to Lynchburg to establish an alibi and Ronnie had an alibi. Ronnie gazed unblinkingly at both of us and said he had no idea why this scenario had been described because it was not true.

Ronnie clearly understands all the facts. He has considered the plea bargain and categorically rejects the idea that he or his family are involved and that he played a minor role.




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