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Memo on Ronnie Kimble




DATE: September 30, 1997

A great deal of time has been spent on the Kimble case over the past two weeks. A large package of discovery became available on September 22, 1997 and I spent at least 12 hours carefully reviewing the material and meeting with Ronnie Kimble.

Judge Burke authorized payment of $2,500 for investigative services and Mike Ingold agreed to work on the case. Mike's first assignment was very successful with a quick turn around. He was able to learn from Detective L. E. Scott that Gary Lyles was the "anonymous" informant that called former Detective Scott shortly after Patricia died with the recommendation that the police focus on Ted Kimble on February 29.

Mike Ingold met with Ronnie Kimble three and one-half hours at the jail. It was a very productive meeting. Basically the purpose of the meeting was to see that Mike and Ronnie became acquainted with one another and to inform Ronnie of the basic posture of the case now that we have had an opportunity to review the pretrial discovery.

Ronnie understands that the case against Ted Kimble is extremely compelling and persuasive. He also understands that Detectives Deberry and Church's focus on Ted from the very beginning was justified by the information they were receiving almost from the night Patricia died. Ronnie also understands that the State's theory that Ted believed he would be the beneficiary of $200,000 in life insurance is not ridiculous. Toward the end of our meeting Ronnie almost tearfully asked us if we thought he was set up by Ted. Of course that question is impossible to answer but Ronnie does understand that even if Ted knows who killed Patricia he may not say because that could cook his goose.

Mike and I brought Ronnie's attention to the two paragraphs that obviously refer to Mitch Whidden and his wife. These statements go way beyond anything Ronnie has previously intimated concerning his dealings with Mitch Whidden. Ronnie related to us a couple of recommendations that may be useful: First, he


doesn't believe he ever had a private conversation with Mitch's wife of any kind and doesn't believe Mitch's wife was present when he told Mitch about the dream. Second, Ronnie's recollection of Mitch is that he is extremely slow speaking and probably slow witted and somewhat easily led by others.
Mike Ingold agrees with me that but for the Whidden testimony, there is no case against Ronnie. Put another way Mitch Whidden and his wife stand between Ronnie and freedom. Mike Ingold will drive to Lynchburg and try to arrange a meeting between Dr. Wilmington and Mitch Whidden. If he can't do that he may simply call upon them at their house in the evening and take them out to dinner.

I promised Mike I would fund all out of pocket expenses and try to go to the judge and get an interim payment when his bill hits the $500 - $600 mark.

It is imperative that I confer with him as soon as possible about the summaries of statements we have about Mitch Whidden.




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