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Report, Michael Ingold (Private Investigator):  Interview, Loman Scott


On September 24, 1997, I had a conversation with retired Greensboro Police Detective, L. H. Scott. During this conversation, I learned from Mr. Scott that the anonymous person, who called him at his residence and gave him information about Ted Kimble, was Gary Lyles. Mr. Lyles is the former owner of Lyles Building Supply on East Lee Street.

Mr. Scott also told me he has known Ted Kimble since Ted was a teenager. Mr. Scott told me that at sometime after the death of Patricia Kimble, he had occasion to talk to Ted Kimble. He said Ted Kimble told him that, "They are looking at me in Patricia's murder." Mr. Scott said he told Ted, "If I had the case, I'd be looking at you, too." He said that he then told Ted Kimble, "If you didn't do it, then go up and talk to the police and tell them that you didn't do it." He said that Ted Kimble then said, "You know me, I wouldn't do anything like that."

According to Mr. Scott, he knew nothing else about the case. Although, he did tell me he had heard that someone involved in the death had "talked" to someone, who then gave the information to the police.

So as not to jeopardize this case, I will await further instructions from you before taking any further investigative action.




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