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Report, Herbert Byrd (GCSD):  Interview, Loman Scott

Ted Kimble's handwritten notes are included as footnotes.



Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Witness\Suspect Statement

1. Case Number/Victim::951009027

2. Interview With:Loman Scott
3. Date/Time:10-11-95 / 1400 hrs.
4. Location: 912 Union St. Greensboro, N.C.
5. Interviewed By: Det. Herbert L. Byrd
6. Offense:Arson/Homicide

7. Narrative:
On 10-11-95 at approximately 1400 hrs. I interviewed Mr. Loman ScottA retired GPD officer at 912 Union Greensboro, N.C. and he stated that he had recieved information from an anonymous person that about three weeks ago Patricia Kimble called his house and told them that her husband had taken out an insurance policy and she was upset about that. She said that it was a large insurance policy. Mr Loman said that the victim told this person that she did not why he took out the policy. She stated that Mrs. Kimble said that her husband had changed a lot and she made the statement
that she thought that he might kill her over the insurance money.

Mr. Scott also said that Mr. Kimble was no rocket scientist and maybe he thought that he could get away with this type of crime. Mr. Scott also stated that the person whom he got the information from did not want to get involved and Mr. Scott did not want the anonymous personB to know that he had talked to us either. This person also stated that Mrs. Kimble told them that her husband wanted to buy a motor cycle and ride up and down High Point Rd. like he was single person.


AScott is an old customer who use to build buildings on the side for Gary Lyles.  During that time he worked with the police department.  He is a plummer/handyman by trade.  After Patricia's death he came by my office acting like my friend trying to talk me into taking a lie detector test.  Said it would most likely satisfy the detectives on the case.  I've knows Scott for years, but only by name.  He doesn't know me.

BThe anonymous person (I believe) is Gary Lyles, phone 910-278-570-.  I called Gary Lyles today 9-28-97 and told him a little bit of what this person said.  Gary sounded very disappointed about this.  I didn't ask him if he was the anonymous person, but Gary said, Scott doesn't even know me.  I've hardly ever spoken to Scott more than 5 minutes and that was usually him saleing me something.  Gary Lyles said, two months ago an insurance detective came to see him.  Ask about my auto insurance claims if Patricia was the type to buy a lot of clothes.




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