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Report, John Appel (GCSD):  Interview, Greg Seabolt

Ted Kimble's handwritten notes are included as footnotes.  Other handwritten notes are also included.



Guilford County Sheriff's Department
Supplemental Report

1. Incident Number: 951009027

2. Victim's Name: Kimble, Patricia
3. Day/Date/Time of Report: Mon Oct 16 09:40:25 EDT 1995

4. Narrative:
On 10/10/95, Det. J.D. Church and I talked to Greg Seabolt, 3603 Fieldview Road, 674-8687. Mr. Seabolt is a Trooper with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, and was on duty during the evening hours of 10/9/95.

Trp. Seabolt said that he took his meal break at his residence at 1930 hours 10/9/95, arriving by way of Highway 22. While enroute to his home, he observed a newA model Ford Econoline-type van, white in color with no side windows from Highway 22 onto Fieldview Road.  He did not notice anything else unusual in the area at that time. When Trp. Seabolt left his residence after his meal at 2025 hours, he noticed that here was smoke in the area. Several minutes later while investigating a traffic accident, Trp. Seabolt heard fire units dispatched to the residence at 2104 Brandon Station Court over his scanner.

Trp. Seabolt went to the fire scene and assisted in traffic control during the fire.

5. Officer/Assignment: Det. John Appel, Major Crimes


What color is Ted's van?  What is relevance of this?

AMy Ford econoline-type van is a '76 model with a missing rear window.  Ronnie was at my shop in his camaro between 3:30 pm to 4:45 pm.  He has stated he dropped the van off at my house around 1 pm.  Ronnie came to the office to borrow a saw, tools, etc.  While there he go side tracked helping an employee building dog houses.




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