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Report, H. P. Pendergrass (SBI):  Interview, Neil Silverthorn


SBI CASE: 1995-03251
ACTIVITY: November 6, 1996
VICTIM: Patricia Gail Kimble
DICTATED: November 8, 1996
RECEIVED: November 15, 1996
TYPED: November 21, 1996
COPIES: (1) Records; (2) SA H. G. Pendergrass; (3) SAC J. M. Burns; (4) District Attorney

Neil Donald Silverthorn, W/M/DOB: 06/29/74; Business: Corporal, United States Marine Corps, Headquarters Company, 2nd Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, Telephone: 910-451-8813; Residence: 385 Nosco Road, Junction City, Kentucky. Telephone: 606-854-9224: (Witness):

Neil Silverthorn was interviewed on November 6, 1996, at the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, Jacksonville, North Carolina, office, beginning at 10:45 a.m., by SA H. G. Pendergrass and Guilford County Sheriff's Department Detective J. D. Church.

Silverthorn is a close friend and former roommate of Ronnie Kimble, brother-in-law of deceased victim Patricia Kimble, and was interviewed for this purpose.

Prior to the interview, at approximately 10 a.m., Silverthorn appeared at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), Camp Lejeune office where he was introduced to SA Pendergrass and Detective Church by NCIS SA Doyle Young. Silverthorn was asked and subsequently agreed to voluntarily and separately accompany SA Pendergrass and Detective Church to the NCSBI Jacksonville office where the interview of Silverthorn was conducted.

Silverthorn stated he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in June of 1992 following completion of high school. Silverthorn stated he currently holds the rank of corporal and is assigned to G-1 Section, Headquarters Company, 2nd Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, where he is responsible for the distribution of classified documents. Prior to this, Silverthorn stated, he was assigned to India Company (a rifle company), 3rd Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 2nd Marine Division following completion of basic training. Silverthorn stated his scheduled release from the USMC is on or about December 1996. Following his release from the USMC, Silverthorn stated he contemplates returning home to the Junction City, Kentucky, area where his mother, Donna Weiant, white female, still resides. Silverthorn further stated he was recently married to Rhonda

McFerron, white female, and both also plan to make their home in the Junction City, Kentucky, area.

Silverthorn stated he first met Ronnie Kimble, white male, while both were members of the same rifle company (India Company). At some point, Silverthorn stated Kimble was re-assigned to the base Chaplin's office while Silverthorn remained with India Company before he was assigned to his present duties. While assigned to India Company, Silverthorn stated he and Kimble were assigned to the same platoon and also were roommates. When asked, Silverthorn stated he got to know Kimble pretty good and occasionally accompanied Kimble to his home located in the Julian, North Carolina, area on weekends. When asked, Silverthorn stated and estimated that he visited with Kimble on weekends approximately 12 times. When visiting with Kimble, Silverthorn stated he often spent the night with Ronnie and Kimberly at their trailer residence and recalls meeting Ronnie Kimble's parents.

Silverthorn stated he first met Ronnie Kimble's brother, Ted, spouse of deceased victim, Patricia Kimble, during Ronnie and Kimberly's December 1994 wedding. When asked, Silverthorn stated, he did not know very much about Ted Kimble but believed he owns a lumber business. Silverthorn stated and recalls visiting Ted Kimble's business on one occasion in 1995. During Ronnie and Kimberly's wedding, Silverthorn stated he also recalls meeting Ted Kimble's wife, Patricia.

On October 6, 1996, Silverthorn stated he returned from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and immediately went on leave. Because his truck was broken down, Silverthorn stated he flew home, via commercial airlines (USAir), from Jacksonville to Junction City, Kentucky. Prior to going on leave, Silverthorn stated he did not see or speak with Ronnie Kimble. After his arrival in Kentucky, Silverthorn stated he remained at home during his entire leave before returning to duty at Camp Lejeune. When asked, Silverthorn stated he was not in the Guilford County area on October 9, 1995, date of Patricia Kimble's murder.

While at home, Silverthorn stated Ronnie Kimble attempted to contact Silverthorn on two occasions. Silverthorn stated and recalls returning a call to Ronnie Kimble's who told Silverthorn that Kimble's sister-in-law had been murdered and set on fire. During the call, Silverthorn stated Ronnie Kimble seemed upset that his sister-in-law had been murdered and recalls being told by Ronnie Kimble that, "Whoever did it, was a sick person." When asked, Silverthorn stated he does not know where Ronnie Kimble was at the time of the telephone call to Silverthorn.




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