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Additional Statements of the Defendants

















The following is additional disclosure of the statements of the defendants based upon interviews with witnesses prior to trial.

Theodore Mead Kimble confronted a witness and asked her if she was pregnant by Ronnie Lee Kimble. When the witness confirmed this, Theodore Mead Kimble made her take a pregnancy test in his presence. He then told her that she could have the baby because she and Ronnie were not married. Theodore Mead Kimble insisted that she have an abortion and she decided to have an abortion based upon the pressure put on her by Theodore Mead Kimble. The witness confirmed that part of the pressure consisted of showing her a gun in his belt and stating: "You're are not going to ruin my Family's life, My father is a preacher you're going to have an abortion.".

Theodore Mead Kimble stated that when he was five years old, his mother would take him over to his uncle's house and leave him. While he was there his uncle would sexually abuse him. Ted confronted his mother about these incidents when he was about 21 years old and his mother acknowledged that she knew this had happened. During this period of time Theodore Mead Kimble threatened suicide and on one occasion he put the barrel of a rifle in his mouth and said he was going to kill himself.

Ronnie Lee Kimble stated: That he would like to attend Liberty University but that he did not think he could because he had a haunted past. Kimble then said he needed to talk to Widden when the Kimberly and Debra were not around.

Theodore Mead Kimble met a witness after the death of Patricia Kimble. He told the witness that his wife was dead and that he thought that someone had killed because of her job. That whoever did it was robbing the house. The witness asked Kimble what was taken and he told the witness that some tools were taken. He said that she was shot in the back of the head and that the house was burned. He said he still owned the house and talked about rebuilding it. Theodore Mead Kimble told another witness that he had had his wife killed, and that witness related it to this witness. Kimble had also threatened to kill this other witness if the witness ever opened his mouth about anything concerning the death of his wife or the stealing, and that information was related it to this witness. Thereafter, the witness noted that Kimble was acting weird and nervous. He offered to give the witness money and did give the witness money, totaling about $800. Whenever the witness mentioned that the witness needed money, Kimble would say it would be OK, he had it covered and then give the witness money. The witness took this to

be an attempt to keep the witness from telling what the witness knew about the murder of Kimble's wife and the stolen property at Lyle's. Kimble asked the witness if he could put the title to a storage trailer at Mateer's in the witness's name. The witness knew that trailer was used to hide stolen property, but Kimble said he needed to get the property off his name because he was being investigated for the death of his wife. Kimble talked about having a girlfriend by the name of Rhonda and cheating on her with a girl who worked at Chile's. Kimble commented that the girl who worked at Chile's had children and that he did not want to have children, but if she wanted him he would learn to live with the children and dump Rhonda. The witness saw Theodore Mead Kimble with a gun on his person on several occassions, both at Lyle's and at the home of the witness. After Theodore Mead Kimble was arrested he called the witness's home from jail and talked about getting rid of some evidence, some books, guns and bolt cutters.

While Ronnie Lee Kimble was in custody, he got into a dispute with another inmate. The inmate accused him of being a killer and Kimble broke down, started crying and said "How do you know I'm a killer. Even if I am a killer, you don't know, you weren't there.

Theodore Mead Kimble was in custody and talking to an inmate. He was trying to preach to the inmate and gave him a pamphlet that dealt with truck driver. Kimble said every time he reads that pamphlet he gets upset and cries. The inmate asked him why and Kimble said "I really can't go into it, but I cannot believe I saw that burning house and I hurt the one I loved. He said he just wanted more. The inmate asked him more what and Kimble said more money.

Ronnie Lee Kimble was in custody and continuously asked the other inmates about their cases. When one of the inmates asked him about his case he said that they did not have any evidence on him and they weren't going to get any evidence on him. During another conversation Ronnie told this witness that he had a sleeping disorder and that he didn't know what he might have done in the murder charge against him. Kimble bragged about the killing tactics he had learned in the Marine Corps. Everyone on the cell block knew about Ronnie and the female guard. This witness saw him kissing the guard. The inmate saw her come to his cell early in the morning and take him to the office. They would stay there with the door closed for 5 to 10 minutes. On one occasion the witness saw her with a disposable camera and the witness heard that she had taken pictures of him in the nude. Ronnie bragged about his knowledge of the jail and that he could escape if he wanted to. Ronnie said he was going to sue the Guilford County Sheriffs Department because the female officer had been sexually harassing him.

While Ronnie Lee Kimble was in cell block D-1 he demonstrated the hand to hand combat training he had gotten in the USMC. He talked about guns and stated that he would prefer to shoot someone from a long distance. Kimble told the witness that he had done something very bad to his former girlfriend and he wished he had not done it




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