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Statements of the Defendants

Ted Kimble's handwritten footnotes and underlining are in red.


















The following is a partial disclosure of the statments of the defendants. Further information will be provided as the statements become available.

Ronnie Kimble told a witness that he had to send most of his money to his wife, that he collected cans to sell, and that he sold blood plasma every Tuesday and Thursday to earn extra money. He told the witness his wife has lost a baby during pregnancy in September or October.

Ronnie Kimble that he was the last person to seeA Patricia Kimble, that he had gone by the house to either pick up or off something, he also said that his brother Ted had been questioned, but that Ted had been at work at the time of the death. She also remembered hearing Kimble say that a large tool chest had been dragged into the living room and that Kimle had stated that maybe someone had come in and the suspect had ran off.

was described "Bible Thumper"
B that he was prone to put off his religious views on other people. However, since the death of Patricia Kimble, that Ronnie discussed religion less.

Ronnie Kimble stated to a witness that Ronnie had told witness that on the day of the death of his sister-in-law that Ronnie, had been at a construction job and had to drive his brother's truck and that Ronnie had purchased some gasoline for the truck, and that Ronnie, had carried the truck back to Ronnie's house —about 4 p.m.
C Also he told the witness that Detective" Church had blown.up the gas receipt, and that the receipt is for gas put in the truck and nothing else.1 Ronnie, also was told by Detective Church that a lady had identified him as being the driver of a Camaro which was located down the street from where the house was located where the murder took place on the date but the time was at 6:20 p.m, The witness related that Ronnie gets upset about questions being.asked about him and not the fact that his sister-in-law was killed. Ronnie has never admitted or denied the murder of his sister-in-law to this witness. The witness confirmed that Ronnie had money problems and collected aluminum cans, brass from the range, and sold plasma from his blood for money.D

The witness told Ronnie she was interviewed by two police officers from Greensboro and an Naval
B Investigative Service agent. Further, that the witness repeated what Ronnie had said about taking Ted's truck back to Ted's house at 4 p.m., and that a lady had identified Ronnie at 6:20 p.m., near the house during the neighborhood canvass. Ronnie then accused the witness of trying to get him (Ronnie) convicted because he (Ronnie) had taken the truck back to Ted's business and that the lady had seen him (Ronnie) by the business, at 6:20 p.m.

Ronnie Kimble told a witness he that he had purchased gas on the day of his sister-in-law's death and may have
E put gas in a lawnmower located at his sister-in-laws residence on this same occasion.
He told the witness that his brother Ted had obtained a large life insurance policy on his wife and that the brother had forged his wife's name to the policy.

ARonnie never saw Patricia on 10/9/95

BA "girl" gave an earlier statement referring to Ron as a "Bible Thumper."  I think it's between pages 75-150.  I believe she claim they didn't get along, and she didn't like Ronnie.

CHe can't be in two places at the same time.


DRonnie is very creative and hard working.  He bought a $500 watch with money he raised.  As to saling blood plasma, my parents do the same thing.  I've been planing to.  Just because Ronnie's hard working doesn't mean he's poor.

ENever hapend, I believe the lawnmower had gas in it and the gas can was full.  The report on the fire says a large amount of gas was used.

How does a "Bible Thumper become a "Hitman?"


Ronnie was concerned and upset with the fact he placed a gasoline receipt
A in his brother's truck the day of the murder. He feared det. Church would believe the gas purchase might have been used to start the fire in his brother's house, versus to fill up his brother's vehicle. Kimble spoke of a lady in Greensboro who claims to have seen him the day of the homicide at 18:20 by his brother's residence.

Ronnie Kimble told a witness he shot and killed his sister-in-law, victim Patricia Gale Kimble. First he told the witness that the police suspected Kimble and his brother of the murder. Much later Ronnie admitted and confessed to the murder of Kimble's sister-in-law. After he had told about the murder he began crying. He said he had in fact shot his sister-in-law and that Kimble did not know where the gun was. Ronnie said he had committed the murder purely for "greed."B Kimble went on to say that Kimble had been approached by Ronnie Kimble's brother who offered Ronnie money to commit the murder.C

During this same conversation WhiddenD stated Ronnie Kimble explained that he was struggling with himself over use of the money.E Ronnie Kimble asked her what to do with the money Kimble was to receive from his brother and asked if she could accept the money which Kimble suggested "could better be used for God's work.

The witness strongly encouraged Kimble turn himself into the authorities. The witness could not turn in Kimble because of fear of Kimble. Ronnie said he could not do that cause it would mean he would get the chair, further explaining he would "kill himself first." Kimble was concerned
about going to hell if he committed suicide.F  In a later conversation he tried to justify the killing by saying that Kimble believed "it was her time to go." The witness was concerned about Kimble and suicide and later brought up the topic in a conversation. At that time Kimble referred to the killing as a dream. He said It must have been a dream, because I (Kimble) don't remember doing it now." Kimble later explained that by saying that he was afraid the police had his telephone "bugged."G

A witness stated that Ted told the witness he slept with his mother, as a child and as an adult.
H At
 one pointTed's mother
said the same thing. On the night of the murder several witnesses overheard Edna tell Ronnie that they could sleep in the spare bedroom, that Ted was sleeping with her.

A witness reported that Ted was the person who murdered Patricia and that she was sure that he was capable of doing something like that because of him holding a pistol to Joy Dryers head and telling her that she had better get an abortion when his brother Ronnie got her pregnant.I

AThe gas can was mine and had sat in the garage for a week.  "Full"

BRonnie would give you the shirt off his back.

CNever happend, this is "funny," what a joke

DIs this Mitch?

EIf all this was true, how would Ronnie explain a large sum of money to his wife or IRS? (HA)

F"Funny" This isn't even a question in our religion.  No way Ronnie said tis.  "what a joke."

GMom, Dad and myself have made this comment.

H"Never"  Another "wild" story.  Sorry I don't get into that (HA, HA) [smiley face]

II don't believer I owned a gun at the time.  This never happened. Just another rumor.




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