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John Hatfield:  Meeting with Kim Kimble and Judy Stump


MEETING WITH KIM AND JUDY 5/21/97 2:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Two witnesses at Lyles:

Billy Smith - getting weaker

James LNU - black man - verifies Ronnie's statement

22 minutes from Lyles to Trish's house

12 minutes from Kim's trailer to Trish's house - it is approximately 8 miles.

Trish's house is very secluded. Nearest neighbor is G.W. Coble 674-9770 - 5440 Highway 22. There are two old buildings on the edge of Trish's property.

9 minutes to drive from Trish's house to Cinnamon Ridge.

13 minutes to drive from Cinnamon Ridge to Lyles.

At 3:45 on 10/9/96 Trish was seen at corner of Creekridge and Randleman Road.

Nancy Young - left Cinnamon Ridge a month...




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