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John Hatfield: Meeting with Judy Stump, Kim Kimble, and Edna Kimble

Handwritten Notes included


A detective named Sam (LNU) Jones probably had an affair with Trish before she became involved with Ted Kimble. Sam was married and separated. He investigated some cases at Cinnamon Ridge.

Trish broke off the relationship with Sam after she became involved with Ted. On one occasion Sam came to Trish's house and she told him to leave. He put his foot in the door and refused to leave.

Edna says Rob Nichols lied to Ted to get the job at Lyles. He started working there three or four months after Patricia's death.

Edna knows something about a problem Rob Nichols had at Home Depot's security department - 1-800-286-4909.

File on Rob Nichols HD 97-050-113

1414 Country Lake Drive


I called this phone number on 7-3-97. A young woman answered the phone. She said she didn't know whether Patrick had a job - she said she didn't know his pager number - she said he leaves work every morning in a suit.


Friday, October 6, 1997 - Ted and Patricia had a party (Christian) 40 guests from Patricia's church at their house.

Saturday, October 7, 1995 - Patricia and Edna together with Sheila, Patricia's mother - had a yard sale at Cinnamon Ridge. Everybody who rented at Cinnamon Ridge was involved if they wanted to. Big success. Ronnie stopped by. Edna made several hundred dollars. Everyone was happy and affectionate. Little adopted dog that died in fire was there. Noon - yard sale closed down. Edna and Patricia went to Lyles. Ronnie, Sr. and Ted -family went to Henry James Bar-B-Q. Trish talked about going to

Glamour Shots. Everybody kissed when they left the Bar-B-Q. Ted picked up Trish over his head. She and Ted were obviously very happy.

Sunday, October 8 - Everybody went to their own church. Ronnie, Sr. went to Lynchburg.

Monday, October 9 - Trish left work at 3:30 p.m. going home early to mow lawn.

PDF, includes Christmas card from Sam Jones to Patricia



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