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Plea Arrangement, State of North Carolina vs. Theodore Meade Kimble


This document is a 4-page form of Ted's plea of guilty made under oath.  The PDF is the entire 4-pages.  Here we have transcribed the substance of the plea arrangement.


The State of North Carolina agrees to accept a plea to Second Degree Murder in 97CRS39581. Count 1 of 97CRS23656 shall be dismissed. In return, the Defendant agrees to enter guilty pleas to Second Degree Murder in 97CRS39581, Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Murder in 97CRS23656, First Degree Arson in 98CRS23486, and eight counts of Solicitation to Commit First Degree Murder in Bills of Information which are to be filed this date. The Defendant agrees and understands that he will receive consecutive sentences in each of these cases. Further, the Defendant agrees to return the ashes of Patricia Blakley Kimble to the Blakley family. The State agrees to dismiss any Breaking and Entry or Larceny indictments against Theodore Meade Kimble which are presently pending in Guilford County.
The parties stipulate that the Defendant is a level II offender, and that under the Structured Sentencing Act the maximum sentence he can receive for each B-2 felony is 254 months, for each Class C felony 159 months, and for the Class D felony 108 months.





Published August 15, 2006.  Report broken links or other problems.

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