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Precision Fabrics, Ted Kimble's Hire Letter & Personnel Records


Precision Fabrics Group Inc.


P 0 BOX 21448
GREENSBORO, NC 27420-11448

919-379-3123 - FAX


September 19, 1995

Mr. Ted Kimble
P.O. Box 160
Pleasant Garden, C 27313

Dear Ted:

It is a pleasure to welcome you as a new partner in Precision Fabrics Group. We are especially glad you have selected Greensboro Plant Lamination Department to pursue your career.

Your selection from the number of candidates for this position indicates our belief that you can make a real contribution to Our operation. At the same time, the pay, benefit program, and opportunities for growth afforded you by Precision Fabrics will assist you in reaching your personal goals. We certainly look forward to working with you and want to offer any help you may need in adjusting to the new work environment.

Please do not hesitate to contact Personnel if we can assist in any way.

Accept my best wishes for a long and successful career at Precision Fabrics.



Bebe S. Osborne

Personnel Manager


PDF includes personnel records



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