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Affidavit, Theodore Kimble regarding receipt of Insurance documents



I, Theodore Kimble, having been duly sworn says:

1. I have received a copy of all documents and correspondence contained in my file from R. Steve Bowden & Associates;

2. Said items include, but are not limited to, the originals of the following documents:

a. Life insurance policy from Southland Life Insurance Co. issued to Patricia G. Blakely;
b. Statement of Policy Cost and Benefit Information from Life of Georgia prepared for Patricia G. Kimble;
c. Check from Life of Georgia payable to the order of Theodore Kimble in the amount of $240.25;
d. Conditional Receipt No. 1082834 from Life of Georgia dated 9/6/95;
e. Handwritten "receipt" from Bill Jarrell, Life of Georgia, dated 9/13/95 and 9/14/95.


Theodore Kimble, Affiant


Subscribed to and sworn before me on this the 19TH day of December, 1995.


Notary Public

My commision expires: 3/24/96





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