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Report, Harold G. Pendergrass (SBI):  Interview, Louie Mitch Whidden

Handwritten notes on the report are in red


SBI CASE: pr 1995-03251
ACTIVITY: February 3, 1997
VICTIM: Patricia Gail Kimble
DICTATED: February 4, 1997
RECEIVED:: February 13, 1997
TYPED: February 13, 1997

COPIES: (1) Records; (2) SA G.. Pendergrass; (3) SAC J. M. Burns; (4) District Attorney H.
M. Kimel

Louis Mitch Whidden [4 lines of text blacked out]


Louie Whidden was interviewed on February 3, 1997,A at the law office of Falwell & Yeatts,B P.C., Lynchburg, Virginia, telephone number 804-528-4579, beginning at 5 p.m. by H. G. Pendergrass
and Guilford County Sheriff's Department Detective J. D. Church and Detective Sergeant D. L. DeBerry. At the request of Whidden, also present during the interview were attorneys Jerry
Falwell, Jr., and F. Patrick Yeatts.

Whidden was recently approached by Ronnie Lee Kimble, white male, date of birth January 17, 1972, at Whidden's Lynchburg, Virginia, residence and during conversation confessed to Whidden that he (Kimble) shot and killed his sister-in-law, victim Patricia Gale Kimble. Whidden was interviewed for this purpose.

Whidden stated he is currently attending Liberty University and is planning to enter the ministry following graduation. Prior to entering Liberty University, Whidden stated, he was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps and stationed at the USMC base located at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. While at the Camp Lejeune Marine Corps base, Whidden stated, he was assigned to the chaplain's office. Whidden stated he completed his obligation with the USMC on August 19, 1997. Whidden stated he is
currently married. Whidden and his wife are the parents of one small female child. Whidden further related his wife is expecting their second child.

Approximately one year ago and while a member of the USMC, Whidden stated he recalls meeting fellow Marine Ronnie Kimble. During that time, Whidden stated Kimble was also assigned to a base chaplain's office. Whidden stated Kimble's duties included

AWithdrew from Liberty Feb 5 Wed.  Note:  after he withdrew, he called Dr. Wilmington

BWhidden met w/Falwell & Yeatts two times Jan 25 Sat, Feb 3 Mon


the delivery of requested supplies to each chaplain's office. After meeting Kimble, Whidden stated, he was befriended by Kimble and recalls on cane occasion Kimble telling Whidden about the death of Kimble's sister-in-law. Whidden stated he was told by Kimble that the police suspected Kimble and his brother of the murder. Whidden stated Kimble went on to say that the police wanted to arrest someone for the murder and did not care who they arrested.

After leaving the Marine Corps, Whidden stated, he entered Liberty University to begin his study in pursuit of a career in the ministry. Sometime during the recent past, Whidden stated he recalls receiving a call from Kimble. During the ensuing conversation, Whidden stated Kimble expressed interest in joining Whidden at Liberty University in the Bible institute program. Whidden stated he offered Kimble lodging at his home if and when Kimble decided to visit the Liberty university campus.
On January 24, 1997, Whidden stated Kimble, along with his wife, Kimberly, appeared unexpectedly at Whidden's 31 County Plane Lane, Lynchburg, Virginia, residence. Whidden stated he subsequently invited Kimble and his wife to stay overnight. During this visit, Whidden stated, he was approached on the evening of January 24, 1997, by Ronnie Kimble to speak in private. Whidden stated he suggested they (Whidden/Kimble) go upstairs to talk. Once upstairs, Whidden stated Kimble admitted and confessed to the murder of Kimble's sister-in-law. Whidden stated he was told by Kimble that Whidden was the only person Kimble had told about the murder and began crying. Whidden stated Kimble told Whidden that he (Kimble) had in fact shot his (Kimble's) sister-in-law and that Kimble did not know where the gun was. -Whidden stated he was told by Kimble that Kimble had committed the murder purely for "greed." Whidden stated Kimble went on to say that Kimble had been approached by Ronnie Kimble's brother who offered Ronnie money to commit the murder.

During this same conversation, Whidden stated Ronnie Kimble ' explained that he was struggling with himself over use of the money. At this point, Whidden stated Ronnie Kimble then offered Whidden the money Kimble was to receive from his brother further suggesting Whidden accept the money which Kimble suggested "could better be used for God's work." Whidden stated he immediately refused Kimble's offer further telling Kimble that Whidden considered the money to be "blood money" and strongly

ANo reference to "haunted past."


encouraged Kimble turn himself into the authorities. Whidden stated he could not turn himself into the authorities in fear of "getting the chair." Whidden stated Kimble would not agree to turn himself into the authorities with Kimble further explaining he would "kill himself first." Following this, Whidden stated Kimble then asked Whidden if, it was a sin to kill himself (Kimble). Whidden stated he attempted to ensure Kimble that Kimble would not go to hell if Kimble committed suicide. Whidden stated he suggested that Kimble not have such thoughts. After confessing to the murder, Whidden stated Kimble asked Whidden, "Do you think any less of me now?" Whidden stated Kimble further told Whidden that Kimble believed "it was her (Patricia Kimble) time to go," whether Kimble "had done it or not." Based on what Kimble had just admitted doing, Whidden stated, he suggested Ronnie Kimble should leave Whidden's residence. After some further thought and not to upset Kimble, Whidden stated, he then agreed to allow Kimble and his wife to remain overnight before leaving the following day.

Following his conversation with Kimble, Whidden stated, he was so concerned about what he had been told by Ronnie Kimble earlier, that Whidden decided to speak with [blacked out] who is [blacked out] for guidance and to ascertain what Whidden should do. Whidden stated [blacked out] suggested that Whidden speak with Liberty University attorneys Yeatts and Falwell. As suggested, Whidden stated on January 25, 1997, he met with the above named attorneys to determine what Whidden's legal responsibility was regarding what had been told to him by Ronnie Kimble. Whidden stated he was told by attorneys Falwell and Yeatts that they would investigate the matter and contact Whidden at a later time.A

Concerned about Kimble's thoughts of committing suicide, Whidden stated, on January 28, 1997, he decided to travel to the USMC base at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, where Whidden met with Kimble. On this occasion, Whidden stated he again suggested Kimble should not think of taking his own life but instead, suggested that Ronnie Kimble turn himself into authorities. During this same conversation, Whidden stated, he did tell Kimble that Whidden had talked with an attorney regarding any legal problems that Whidden may now be facing based on Kimble's confessing to Whidden on January 24, 1997, at Lynchburg, Virginia.

At this point, Whidden stated Ronnie Kimble told Whidden that

ANo mention of staying in a motel out of FEAR


what Kimble had confessed to Whidden earlier "must have been a dream, because I (Kimble) don't remember doing it now." Whidden stated h responded by saying, "If you (Kimble) get the money from your brother, then you'll know it wasn't a dream."  Following this, Whidden stated, he suggested to Ronnie Kimble that if Kimble needed to talk with Whidden further then Kimble should give Whidden a call at his Lynchburg, Virginia, residence. Whidden stated Kimble then told Whidden that he
was afraid the police had his telephone "bugged" and would not call from his home telephone.

When asked, Whidden stated the primary reason he came forward with the above-related information was because he felt it was the moral thing to do. In addition, Whidden stated, he felt the murder confessed to him by Ronnie Kimble was premeditated and as a result of the murder, Ronnie Kimble was to receive an amount of money from his brother. Whidden stated that had the murder victim been his wife or sister, he would hope someone would come forward and provide authorities with this type of information. Whidden further stated he would be willing to assist law enforcement in furtherance of the Patricia Kimble murder investigation and would also be willing to testify in court if necessary.

The interview with Mitchell Whidden was concluded at approximately 7:30 p.m. on February 3, 1997.





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