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John Hatfield:  Notes on Cross Examination of Mitch Whidden

Handwritten notes are in red.



mitch gives a statement to panosh at some point that ronnie told him he did not know where the gun was

went down to lejeune were you afraid of ronnie
your wife called him down there
told you it must have been a dream bcs. he couldnt remember doing it

your response was that he could verify if it was real by asking his rather for the money

get himto say that ronnie was crying a lot--so that we can argue kim would have noticed it

after the confession you wanted ronnie to leave
but he was concerned that it might arouse suspicion with his wife
earlier according to you ronnie had specifically asked to talk to you not in the presence of his wife

talked to ronnie at camp lejeune
have a tape recorder
take notes
knew it was important
knew you were going to have to testify bcs. you had read leviticus

your conclusion when you left camp lejeune was that
ronnnie's brother was guilty but ronnie was not
you talked to your wife abt. it
and you basically told her your opinion that ted guilty but ronnie was not
she knew far less abt. than you did

she knew only what you told her

down at camp lejeune you suggested that if ronnie needed to talk to you further he should call you on the phone
so you were willing to have further contact with him even though you thought he was dangerous

who did you talk to
pendergrass, church falwell

met with rev falwell
what did you tell him


Dr. Wilmington - called and sd D says it was dream

and you response was that

Never talked to Ingold

Must have been a dream statement

You can call me at home



Meeting on February 3, 1997
Falwell, Yeattes, Church and Pendergrass and Deberry

Mitch only a first year bible student
Most important meeting he'd ever been to
Was an audio tape made?
Who took notes?

"One" small child (bottom p.1)
This is incorrect, isn't it?

"One occasion"
This is also incorrect.

"Kimble did not know where the gun was." (p.2, 3rd para)

What was the basis for this statement?

You recall that Ronnie told you about Patricia's death in the context of a dream, don't you? Exchange of dreams.

You told Ronnie that dreams were an important theme in the Bible, didn't you?

You told the gentlemen on February 3 that you were "concerned" about what you had been told by Ronnie. (p.3, para 2)

So you spoke to Jerry Falwell for "guidance."

The February 3 statement says you met with the attorneys on January 25, 1997.

Is that statement accurate?


Was it Dr. Falwell's idea who paid?

Was this a legitimate expense?

Why not call the Stumps and find out if Ronnie and Kim had gone back to Julian?

Why not call Camp Lejeune?

What time did you meet with Falwell and Yeattes on January 25?

After the basketball game?

Did Falwell or Yeattes tell you to go to a motel?

Did you communicate to Falwell and Yeattes how terrified you and your wife were?

Did you tell them you were going to drop out of school?

On February 3, 1997 at the office of Falwell and Yeattes:

Did you say you had decided to withdraw from school?

But Pendergrass wrote you were "currently" attending - "planning to enter ministry following graduation." (p.1)

There is nothing in the February 3 statement to indicate that Whidden was distraught on January 25, that he feared for his life or that he needed protection. (p.3 bottom)


That was a Monday wasn't it. You actually stayed about 30 miles from the marine base, right?

What was your purpose in making this trip?

Did your sister or the lawyers tell you to do that?

Your real purpose was to find out if Ronnie really killed Patricia or not, right?

You told Panosh you could "remember the whole scenario," right?

But in this courtroom, on August 3, while you were under oath, you said:

"It's hard to recollect the entire conversation." (p.11)


Next morning on January 28, you and Debra went to the base, right?

And you signed for a parking pass, right?

With a date on it.

The pass is how you know that you were there on the 28th, right?

If you didn't have the pass, you wouldn't be sure of the date, right?

But anybody can get a receipt, right?



"I wanted the ball in my court." (3rd Page ) July 21, 98 Panosh

What does this mean?

"I wanted to be able to choose whether I testified or not."

"Church mentioned a reward." What money and assistance have you received?

"I would never deceive him." P.4, July 21, 1998.
What about Donna Debra talking to Ronnie on January 28, 1998?

Mitch told Rick Buck "I've got a friend in trouble."

Mitch and Ronnie watched T.V. (weather) after the upstairs meeting.

Transcript P.15

Mitch says he did not have further contact with Ronnie before being interviewed by Church and Pendergrass.

Ask Mitch about his criminal record.


Receipt for 1/28/97 at gate of Camp Lejeune.  As Mitch said on 7/21/98 at P1 middle, "anyone can get a receipt."


3.8 GPA 7/21/98, but accumul 3.6



FEBRUARY 3, 1997 JULY 21, 1998 TRANSCRIPT 8-3-98
P.2 "One occasion" P.1 "Every time he would come
out he would tell me more
details." He was always going
over it with me."
Mitch says talked about
murder 3 or 4 times
P.2 Kimble said "The police
suspected Kimble and his
brother of the murder."
P.1 "He didn't really let on
that they were investigating
him also."
P.2 "Unexpectedly" P.2 "Kind of unexpected" P.8 "Arranged."
No reference to haunted past P.2 Haunting/Cheating on wife P.10 "Haunted."
P.3 After confessing the
murder Ronnie said "It was
her time to go."
P.3 In Camp Lejeune, Ronnie said "So it had to be her time to go." P.16
  P.2 Para.3 "Basically I remember the whole scenario." P.11 "It's hard to recollect the entire conversation.
told Ronnie he should call him in Lynchburg, if he needed to talk   P.16 "I suggested that he not" call me



Refused to talk to Ingold on 2 occasions
October 9, 1997 and July 26, 1998

But Whidden talked to:

Dr. Falwell Falwell & Yeattes
Dr. Wilmington Dr. Rolater Dick Panosh
Church and Pendergrass DeBerry
Wife Debra
His mother-in-law

How did Mitch support himself during 6 months he was back in Arcadia

Did he have a job?

Reward money, money from mother-in-law?


Mitch called Dr. Wilmington after he went to Lejeune on 1-28-97




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