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David Lloyd:  Meeting with Joe Williams regarding Patrick Pardee




DATE: MAY 6, 1997

On this date I talked to Joe Williams about Patrick Pardee. Joe is definitely representing Patrick Pardee and will be talking to him on May 8 when he comes in to pay his fee.

As of now Joe has assured me that Patrick Pardee has absolutely nothing to say about Ronnie Kimble. However, Pardee does have some evidence to offer concerning the murder case against Ted Kimble.

I talked to Herschel Waggoner of the Guilford County Sheriff's Department on this date. Mr. Waggoner stated that he had handled the initial stages of the larceny and possession of stolen goods case against Patrick Pardee and that there were several people involved. Pardee made a number of admissions to Waggoner and apparently pointed him in the direction of quite a lot of stolen building materials. Waggoner stated unequivocally to me that he did not know of Ronnie having any involvement in the larceny cases. Pardee told Waggoner about the go-carts and lumber stolen from Home Depot. Before the second round of interviews with the Sheriff's Department, Pardee went to Joe Williams and that was the end of his cooperation. Joe advised me Pardee was within one meeting of handing over everything he knew for free but that Joe put a stop to it.

Waggoner advised me that Sgt. Davis is overseeing the investigation of the larceny and stolen goods cases. Detective Church is in charge of the murder case.

Joe assured me that he would keep me posted on everything that Pardee decided to do on a confidential basis.




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