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Report, Mike Ingold (Private Investigator):  Interview, Melissa Williford


On October 5, 1997, I made contact with Melissa Williford. She lives at 1991 Providence Church Rd. in Randolph County. Her telephone number is 685-0137. Miss Williford knows Kim Kimble due to the fact that Kim was a therapist where Miss Williford was going through physical therapy.

On October 9, 1995, Miss Williford was employed by Winn-Dixie at Forest Oaks on Liberty Road. During our conversation, Miss Williford told me that she had seen Kim Kimble in the Winn-Dixie on three occasions. She stated that on one of these occasions that Ronnie Kimble was with Kim. She remembers that Kim introduced Ronnie to her as her husband. Miss Williford could not be certain if it was on October 9, 1995 when she met Ronnie Kimble. Miss Williford stated that she does remember seeing fire trucks on Brandon Station Court on her way home on October 9, 1995.



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