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Conference with Dr. Wilmington




DATE: JUNE 25, 1997

Dr. Wilmington came to Greensboro and visited Ted and Ronnie in jail. He was accompanied by his assistant Rick Buck and two gentlemen who had attended Liberty University around the same time as Ronnie Kimble Sr. They were Jerry Edwards and Roy (LNU).

We talked about an hour and a half and I gave them an overview of the case.

Dr. Wilmington acknowledged that local law enforcement officials had been in touch with him and Dr. Falwell several times.

Recently Det. Church called Dr. Wilmington and attempted to confirm whether or not Ronnie Kimble Sr. actually was at Liberty University the weekend Patricia was killed.

Church told Dr. Wilmington he checked the attendance list and Ronnie Kimble's name was not on it. Dr. Wilmington gave Church the name of a person whose house Ronnie Kimble Sr. stayed at and assured Detective Church Ronnie Kimble Sr. was there.  It is unclear why Church is interested in the comings and goings of Ronnie Kimble Sr. although Church flatly told Dr. Wilmington Ronnie Sr. is not a suspect in any way, shape or form.

Dr. Wilmington indicated that he definitely recalled Mitch although he did not recall Mitch's last name. (It is Whidden). Mitch apparently came to Dr. Wilmington in January and said he was going to withdraw from school because of money problems and because of his deep concern of things that Ronnie Kimble had told him on a recent visit. Without explicitly saying so Dr. Wilmington made it clear that my assumptions about what Mitch Whidden told him were accurate. I suggested to Dr. Wilmington that Mitch told Dr. Wilmington that Ronnie and Kim had visited him and his wife and that while the wives were somewhere else Ronnie had related to Mitch that he had a dream in which he had murdered his brother's wife. I suggested to Dr. Wilmington that Mitch believes that this conversation constituted a confession


and an acknowledgement of criminal responsibility and it deeply disturbed Mitch. Dr. Wilmington said I had an amazing power of prophecy.

Dr. Wilmington was not aware that there was a Crime Stoppers reward outstanding and at that point Ronnie Kimble Sr. told the group a total of $34,000 was outstanding. Dr. Wilmington agreed that Mitch Whidden was clearly broke and in real need of funds. Dr. Wilmington said it had not occurred to him previously that Mitch might have been motivated by the reward. Dr. Wilmington agreed with me that it was very suspicious that Mitch presented himself in Camp LeJeune later asking questions about Patricia's death.

Dr. Wilmington assured me Liberty University had nothing to do with reporting what Mitch had to say to Dr. Wilmington to authorities. That if and when the authorities became involved with Mitch it was not through the university in any way.

While Dr. Wilmington was using the bathroom, Rick Buck indicated to me that he had already talked to Mitch Whidden and Mitch said to him "I've got a friend in trouble and I have to help him."
Dr. Wilmington can be reached at: (0) 804-582-2274 (H)
844 757-521-1822.

The following day Ronnie Kimble Sr. advised me that Dr. Wilmington said that there was more he wanted to tell me if I would get in touch with him.




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