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Notes on Conversation with Dr. Wilmington

Transcription of handwritten notes (some of the handwriting is difficult to read)


8/26/98 My notes
Church came up twice
Wilmington gone on 1-24-97

Mitch graduated in May
He did graduate
Talked to Mitch couple of times
Mitch very sincere(?) when he come in
I felt he was sincere
At time
Falwell thought he was sincere

I was gone-he talked to Jerry
Jerry never said a word to me
Couple of weeks later Mitch said he was dropping out of school
Dropped out of school
Wasn’t usually ?

He felt he had to go home
Are you afraid
7:00- 5 minutes into tape
He didn’t seem to be afraid
p. 2
I just feel it’s best to go home
3rd term
He did graduate in May

Candidate for a church
Going to be ordained

Mitch went to Jerry first
May have spoken to Church
I don’t know

Jerry: You need legal advice
Jerry Jr.
School lawyer
Mitch spoke to both lawyer
That lawyer called Wilmington
“Investigation pending”

Wil and Jerry compared notes
“We both felt he was sincere”
p. 3
8 min
Mitch went to see Ronnie and then talked to Wilmington
He went down there and he called me and talked to Ronnie
“I dreamed that”
‘Both compare dreams’
‘He went down there to say you should turn yourself in’
At the time Mitch went Camp Lejeune he had already dropped out of school
Mitch’s position was he was not going to push it any further
Church talked to Jerry and Wilmington
A few weeks later Church called and came up again
p. 4
15 “He must have talked to Church before he talked to Jerry.”
“How Mitch knew he should have talked to Church I don’t know.”
Wilmington says-that Mitch had talked to Church before he talked to Jerry Falwell.
16 min
Tinker(?) to Ever(?) to Church
Church to Falwell to Wilmington

Several reason why Mitch pulled out of school
‘Are you actually afraid
He didn’t say much’
25 He told Church who told Jerry who told (?) me
W/I 24 hours Church come up
Dr Wilmington 800-543-5299

Local(?) Church

9:00 p.m.

Thomas Road

Eva Middleton

June 30

Phone conf. with Dr. Wilmington
June 25, 1997 Trial resched. Aug 3
Dr. W. knows
“I’m afraid I’m going to be called”

Church come up twice
If they don’t call Jerry you should
Told Jerry he’d
Or/he graduated in May” (Whidden)
“As far as I know he’s in Florida:”
“Yes (? he did graduate”
“ We have not discussed it at all”
“I pray every day”
“My fear is?) I will inadvertently add a straw to your push(?)
? Whidden was very sincere

I and Dr. Falwell felt he was sincere
Mitch talked to Jerry first-
Jerry never said a word to me.

p. 8
Couple of weeks later Mitch come in and said he was dropping out of school
He felt he needed to go home
Wife was about due—
“Are you afraid”
He didn’t seem to be

Didn’t see him until Sept.
He layed out a semester

“He did graduate in May”
(third time Wilmington said this”

Mitch went to Jerry first
He may have spoke to Sheriff Church first
Jerry asked Mitch to see Jerry Jr, school lawyer
One of those lawyers called Dr. Wilmington

Wilmington and Jerry compared notes
They “both felt” he was sincere.
Ronnie said “I think you misunderstood-That was a dream I told you about” Mitch called and said he had gone there and Ronnie said it was a dream.-

p. 9
Mitch went down there supposedly to tell Ronnie to turn himself in
When Mitch went to Camp Lejeune
l.132 Dr. Wilmington’s impression was that Mitch was not going to push it any further

Church come up to Liberty Twice-talked to Jerry, then Wilmington
Jerry, Sr. thought a lawyer should be present
A few weeks later Church some up again

l 150 Mitch “must have” talked to Church before he ever talked to Jerry Falwell.

Said it twice-
“Tinkers (?) to Evers(?) to Church”
Church to Falwell to Wilminton
Jerry told Mitch he needed legal counsel

p. 10
“Ronnie said he had a problem and the problem was that he had killed someone”
l 196 “Ronnie- say Dr. Wilmington knows my dad”
“My dad graduated from Dr. Wilmington’s school”
His name was Ron Kimble

He is talking about “Ronnie”
I had not made the connection

218 “I asked Ron, (Sr.) if it was ok- to give some of the details to the class

Marty(?) Schiltz – her Ron stayed w/ on Oct 9
p. 11
“Jerry did not tell me a thing
Jerry heard it sooner-
Maybe the day before

Told Church
Told Jerry
Told Dr. Wilmington

W/I 24 hours of Mitch leaving Church come to call
Nice guy – wonderful guy”
Dr. Wilmington had never talked to Mitch before he came in and withdrew
I honestly didn’t think Mitch would come back “but he did finish”
He said Mitch I’ve killed a human being”

Rick Buck and Roy Newman
Mitch was sure that he said he did it
Mitch was very definite




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