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Affidavit, Rodney Woodberry

Corrections and initials are indicated in red






I, Rodney Woodberry, being first duly sworn and deposed say the following in regard to Ted Kimble and events of October 9, 1995:

I. My full name is Rodney Woodberry.
2. I was born on the 5th day of November, 1962, in Davidson county in the state of North Carolina.
3. I am currently employed at Bojangles, 2403 Maple Avenue,
Cobb Sign Co., Elmira Street, Burlington, N.C. as a cook. R.L.W.
4. I have been employed at Bojangles
Cobb Sign for approximately three (3) months Four (4) weeks. R.L.W.
5. On or around July 7, 1994, I was employed at Lyles Surplus Building Material, 1700 W. Lee Street in Greensboro, N.C.
6. While at work I developed a friendship with Ted Kimble that continues today.
7. On or around August 4, 1995, I ended my full-time employment with Lyles Surplus Building Material.
8. My full-time employment ended after I was suspended from working at Lyles Surplus Building Material, after which I only worked there on a temporary basis.
9. During my employment at Lyles Surplus Building Material, I also did work for Ted Kimble at his residence
. and I continued to do some work at the Kimble residence after ending my employment at Lyles Surplus Building Material.  R.L.W.

10. While employed at Lyles Surplus Building Material, I knew Ted and Patrician Kimble on a personal level.
11. I observed Patricia Kimble at Lyles Surplus Building Material on numerous occasions.
12. From my observations, the Kimbles appeared to be a happy and loving couple.
13. I never saw Ted and Patricia Kimble fight or argue with one another.
14. I learned of Patricia Kimble's death by watching television at home.
15. Upon learning of Patricia Kimble's death, I attempted to contact Ted Kimble, but did not reach him until just before the memorial service.
16. I have never heard Ted Kimble say he wanted or wished harm to come to his wife, Patricia.
17. I have never heard Ted Kimble discuss or plan to commit a crime.
18. Ted Kimble has never asked me to participate in any criminal activity.
19. Ted Kimble has not and did not ask me to kill or participate in the death of Patricia Kimble.
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Mr. Rodney Woodberry
January 29, 1996

20. I have seen no indication and I do not believe that Ted Kimble was involved in the death of Patricia Kimble.
21. I have no information about the death of Patricia Kimble except for what has been broadcast on television.
22. I have no knowledge of and do not believe that Ted Kimble uses or sell any controlled substances.

I have provided the above information (1 through 224)R.L.W. freely and truthfully to the best of my ability. I have read all the above mentioned statements and have verified the accuracy of each statement.


Rodney Woodberry

I certify the above named individual appeared before me this the 21st day of March 1996.




My commission expires 3/6/2001


R.L.W. 23.  On the day of Patricia Kimble's death, October 9, 1995, I was at my residence in Graham, 711 Oaklay Street.


R.L.W. 24.  At approximately 6:30 pm, I went to Carolina Careers on Maple Avenue to fill out a job application.


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