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Report:  Rodney Woodberry


Guilford County Sheriffs Department
Supplemental Report

Incident Number: 951009027



Day/Date/Time of Report: Friday, July 17, 1998

Narrative: This writer and Richard E. Panosh, Assistant District Attorney spoke with Rodney Woodberry at the District Attorney's Office in Greensboro. The interveiw began at about 12:00 noon and was concluded about 12:50.

We began by going over his prior statements to the Guilford County Sheriffs Department and then asked Rodney Woodberry if there was anything else he was worried about or wanted to tell us about. Rodney Woodberry went on to state:

Ted came by to see me at Laura's house in Greensboro. He was driving his blazer. It was in the evening, late, but before 9:00 pm. It was dark and we needed jackets on. It was late October or early November of 1995. He came to the door and asked me to come outside and we stood and talked there on the driveway for 10 minutes or so. That day I had been in Burlington, then came to Greensboro to see my mother and then went over to Laura's to visit. I might have spent the night at Laura's that night. I was surprised that he even knew I was in Greensboro. But I knew that Laura told me he had been coming by her house to try to find me because he did not know where I lived in Graham.

Ted asked me what I had been doing and where I had been working. I had quit working a Lyles a couple of months before. This was before I had been interviewed by the Sheriffs Department. I told him where I was working and what I was doing. He wanted to know how to get to my house in Graham and I tried to explain to him how to get there. He told me that he was planning a trip and wanted to know if I would be interested in working at Lyle's for him, filling in when he was gone. Right after the death of Patricia I had called Lyles and offered to help, I talked to Mr. Lyes. Ted told me about how he planned to get the insurance money and expand the business and go on a trip.

We might have talked about the motorcycle he had bought, but I'm not sure if I have ever seen it.  My mother told me he had been looking for me at her house with the motorcycle and said he was there to visit and to give me a ride. He had come over more than once. Ted knew where my mother lived because he used to drop me off at home when I worked at Lyles. Ted never came by to visit me when I worked at Lyles, or before Patricia's death. My mother's husband, Wilbur ( I call him Sarge) had even told me that he had been at Lyles and Ted wanted to know where he I was living and how he could get in touch with me. Ted told me he had not gotten the insurance money yet. He complained that the Guilford County Sheriffs Department was trying to keep him from getting the money from the insurance policies, but he said his lawyer said he would get the money sooner or later. He said that he had signed Patricia's name to the insurance


application but that he did not think the Sheriffs Department knew about it. He talked about what he was going to do when he gets the money, expand the business and all.
He told me: You know I had something to do with Patricia's murder, but if the detectives come and talk to you, you don't have to talk to them.
I asked him why would they come and talk to me, and he said because of the comments that I made to you about wanting a hit man. He said that there might be a guy named Church coming to talk to you and you don't have to talk to him. He said if they ever talk to you, don't tell them about the things I said about I wish I had a hit man or about hating Patricia or you could get in trouble. I asked him how I could get in trouble and Ted said if you start talking you'll end up in trouble because you're black. He told me about a rifle he had ordered how it could shoot a man from a long distance. (He probably told the number of feet but I forget). He said it was an expensive assault rifle. Later he said: If the detectives ever ask you if you know little Ronnie, or anything about him, just tell them you don't know Ronnie.

Then Laura came out and the conversation changed. They talked about a door he had put on for her and about fixing her porch.

After that I did not want to be around him anymore and I don't think that I saw him again. He never came to my home in Graham or Burlington. But my mother and Laura kept telling me he would come around looking for me.

I was afraid of Ted, so when the detectives asked me questions I did not tell them he admitted to me that he had Patricia killed, because I was afraid that he would kill me too. I used to think he would find out where we were staying and I just did not trust him. I lost plenty of sleep behind this. I felt like he was going to pop up in Burlington one day.

What I'm telling you now is the God's honest truth and I apologize for not telling you before. am willing to take a polygraph about this.



Rodney Woodberry

Witnessed by:____________________

Friday, July 17, 1998, at _______________




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