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Phone Conference, Nancy Young

Handwritten notes included as footnotes.



Has not talked to law enforcement recently. Nancy Young told all of this to Det. Church. She has talked to Det. Church many times.

October 9, 1995 - Nancy Young with Patricia that day. Patricia said she had to go recertify people in low income apartments. Would be out of office all morning. Going home early to mow yard. Ted had not finished mowing it and she needed to finish.A  Nancy Young back from lunch at 2:00 p.m. Patricia there when Nancy got back.

Patricia left at 3:30

4:00 got phone call from Pat's boss - called Patricia at home. No answer at Pat's at 4:00. Did not let answering machine pick up.

Ted called about 3:20 so he knew she was there. She always talked to Ted before she left.

She and Ted were real happy. Saw nothing wrong with marriage.

She was good Christian person. Out of the question that Patricia, would ever fool around.

Life Insurance: This was in September, 1995. Patricia came in to work. Not herself. She said I just found out my husband took out a $100,000 life insurance policy on me.

Only way I found out is insurance company called to set up physical. She told them she did not know about life insurance company.

She did not know anything about it. She was crying and upset. Could not believe Ted would do it.

This was September, 1995. She never had the physical. She went to lunch that day with Ted and said things were OK.

All of this happened in one day.

Patricia was still upset after lunch with Ted although things were better.

One or both of Ted's parents knew about life insurance. Det. Church knows all about Nancy Young's observations on the day Patricia learned of insurance.

Police were suspicious of Ronnie. It was common knowledge.

Whole lot of people know about the life insurance policy.

Patricia's good friends:

Donna _____ Mgr. at apartments where Patricia worked.

Jill ______________


AMower had not been touched for days, per Church




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