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Sets of files have been archived for downloading to your home computer.  Right click on the link and select Save Target As, then select the location where you want to store the files.  Some of these files are very large, so they may take a while to download if you have a dial-up connection. 


State's Discovery


Excel Index of all documents listed in the 9 Discovery Memorandums  This index provides the file name for each file listed on the Discovery memorandums.


Zip file of all 434 files produced in the State's discovery  84 mg.  The files are in alphabetical order.   This zip file is self-extracting.


Master PDF of the entire State's Discovery  88 mg.  The files are in order as they appear on the Excel index.


This project is a work in progress, and this is Version 1. 


51 crime scene photos in one PDF.  File is 3 mg. 



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