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Ronnie Kimble's Confession to Mitch Whidden

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This summary was included in the Court of Appeals of North Carolina, Opinion, filed October 3, 2000:

Whidden, an ordained Baptist minister and a personal friend of defendant, testified that in 1997 defendant visited Whidden at his home and stayed with Whidden and his family overnight. Whidden testified that during this visit defendant confessed to Whidden that he had killed Patricia at Ted's request and that he was to receive payment from Ted in return. Whidden testified that after defendant left his home, Whidden spoke with the Reverend Jerry Falwell (Falwell) to ask his advice about defendant's confession. After meeting with Falwell and Falwell's son, an attorney, Whidden checked into a hotel with his family because he was afraid that defendant might return to his home.
    Thereafter, Whidden went to see defendant in an attempt to persuade him to turn himself in. When defendant refused to do so, Whidden returned home, met with another attorney, Frank Yeatts (Yeatts), and gave a statement to the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI). He then left his job and moved himself and his family out of state for six months until defendant was in prison because he feared for the safety of his family. Various elements of Whidden's testimony were corroborated by the testimony of Falwell, Yeatts, Whidden's wife, and an agent with the SBI.
    Whidden's testimony demonstrates the strength of the State's case against defendant.



Mitch Whidden met Ronnie Kimble at Camp LeJeune.  During the last 6 months of his 4-year stint, Whidden served as Chaplain's assistant at Courthouse Bay.  As a supply clerk, Ronnie would deliver supplies to Courthouse Bay.  Whidden saw Ronnie on average 1-2 times per week during the last 4-5 months he was there, and they often played pool.  During this time, on three to four occasions Ronnie discussed Patricia's murder with Whidden. 

Q    During the period of time that you knew him as a friend in the Marine Corps, did he ever discuss with you the fact that his sister-in-law, Patricia Kimble, had been killed?

A     Yes, sir, he did.

Q     And what did he tell you?

A     Told me that his sister-in-law had been brutally murdered.

Q     Did he give you any further facts?

A     Yes, sir. He told me that his brother was under investigation, that his brother did not do it, and that the police were pressuring him, to get to his brother.

Q     Did he give you specific facts about the crime itself?

A    Yes, sir, he did. He told me that there was some sort of tool chest moved during the crime. He told me this, to -- he expressed that he was trying to figure out who did it, and that he was going over the facts in his mind, that there was some large tool chest that was moved, and that his -­that his car was seen near the crime scene, but that he had


a gas receipt for getting gas at a gas station across town. (voir dire examination)

On August 19, 1996 Whidden moved his family to Lynchburg VA so he could attend the Liberty Bible Institute, Liberty University.  Whidden's intent was to become a Baptist Minister.  Ronnie called Whidden and expressed an interest in the ministry and in attending Liberty Bible Institute.  At that time, Whidden's wife had never met Ronnie or Kim.


In the meantime, Ronnie was undergoing some testing for a sleep disorder.  






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