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The relationship between Ted and Ronnie

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The State argued that Ted wanted to murder Patricia to collect insurance.  He knew he would be a suspect so he made sure he had an airtight alibi for every minute of the day and hired someone else to do the crime.  A hit man would have demanded money up front whereas Ronnie would do it on credit.  Also, he had the Joy Dyer abortion to hold over Ronnie's head. 


To prove this conspiracy, the State introduced


Indications of the nature of their relationship

  • Ronnie discontinued working at Lyles because he didn't like the way Ted bossed him around.

  • Ronnie was not told about Ted and Pat's secret wedding on December 21, 1993.

  • Ronnie was an usher at Ted's wedding.

  • Ronnie would purchase supplies from Lyles but work off the cost rather than paying money.




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