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North Carolina's Department of Insurance Investigation File:  Blue Cross & Blue Shield, the Maryland Group (Auto accidents)


4Policy Information

4Kimble File

4Correspondence and information to collect and support claim (See PDF, pages 3-7)


4Policy Information


North Carolina Department of Insurance

Insurance Policy Information

Theodore Mead Kimble

Insured: Ted M. Kimble
Insurer: Blue Cross & Blue Shield of NC.

Policy # 240479614
Insurer: The Maryland Group

Policy # TFO-11479442

Policy data: Auto insurance policy. Ted Kimble was involved in an auto accident on 4/17/94. Kimble was a passenger in the vehicle operated by James Day, and insured by Integon. Ted Kimble retained attorney Steve Bowden and filed a claim with Integon. The claim was denied because Day's coverage
was canceled 4/15/94. Kimble subsequently filed a claim with BC&BS for payment of his medical bills.
Ted Kimble also filed a claim with his auto insurance carrier, The Maryland Group. A medical pay claim was filed in the amount of $3,144.48. That amount included payments for medical bills, medications, and lost wages.
Insured: James Day
Insurer: Integon
Policy # SAN 5514215
Policy data: see above
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4Kimble File


Kimble File

Insurer Integon Insurance  Insured James Day

Insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield  Insured Ted Kimble

Insurer The Maryland Group  Insured Ted Kimble Patricia Kimble

Information Ted Kimble was involved in an automobile accident on 4/17/94 as a passenger in a vehicle operated by James Day and insured by Integon.. Ted Kimble, through attorney Steve Bowden, filed a claim with Integon which was denied as Day's policy was cancelled effective 4/15/94.
Kimble filed medical bills with Blue Cross Blue Shield who paid claim Kimble, through attorney Steve Bowden, filed claims with Maryland Casualty under the medical pay portion of their auto policy.


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